How to be More Organized at Work

“Organization is not about perfection it’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money improving your overall quality of life.”  -Christina Scalise

Are you having trouble focusing at work, and you get distracted easily? That may be because of so many reasons, but regardless the reasons the need is to STAY FOCUSED and ORGANIZED to be more productive and a vigilant employ. No one likes an employ always late with work, looking like mess and who keep his work place also a mess. Organized people are far efficient at work and give their best. “Living your life organized is about doing a little less not little more.”


Sleep enough

The main reason why most of people fail to work efficiently at work is because they do not get 8 hours of sleep, or they fail to sleep soundly. This affects their efficiency as they fail to focus.

Break fast

Skipping breakfast means skipping your doze of energy for whole day to work. Our body needs energy to move, as a car needs fuel to move. Do a healthy energizing breakfast daily; you can eat eggs, whole grains, vegetable and fruits especially those foods that contain fiber, protein and Vitamins.

Do not multitask

Multi-tasking might sound an expert quality but for most of the people it is not helpful, it is simply a distraction from one work to do another at a time. And the advantage of multitasking reverse as it doesn’t help.


Breaks are needed right after you accomplish a task, and if it is quite much tiring you might need a break during a specific task. During a break you can get hold of yourself, refresh yourself and may grab a cup of coffee that boost your mind.

Make to-do-list

To-do-list might help in organizing all of your tasks for the day, week or the month. When you make things to do list, you get to know what tasks you have to do during a specified time period.

Set priorities

Set your priorities, while you are working you should know the urgency of work and task that are pending. Set the tasks in order to be done according to their level of urgency.

Divide time for all tasks

Different tasks require more or less time period. Don’t give time or waste time on a task which can be done in an hour by doing it in 2 or 3 hours. Give right proportion of time to all the things you have to do in a day.

Organize your desk

A messy desk is a hindrance in the way of an organized worker, you can’t be sure you will be able to work calmly on an untidy desk or workplace. To be more organized you should first organize your desk. Keep all the papers in files, get rid of all the unnecessary things.

Organize your virtual office

Your E-mail is another workplace you have, without organizing that you will not be able to work without getting stuck time to time. Check your E-mails 2-3 times daily not more or less than that.

Reminder: Stays focused and avoid procrastination

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