How to develop good habits in children

“It is easier to prevent bad habits than to break them” – Benjamin Franklin

A child in like a blank page, you can write anything on it, the positive or negative depends on you. It is easy to build good habits in a small kid than in elder one as he already have made up his habits, you cannot easily alter any behavior unless he is kid, Benjamin Franklin said is so right that it is easy to prevent bad habits than to break it. You are the one who can make a great man or woman of future by developing good habits in your child from the early age.


Here are some ideas that can surely help you to build decent habits in your children.

Be involved with their activities

A child best learn when someone is involved in the activities they are doing. They always need some guidance and directions from you the parents. If you get involved in the activities they do you are more likely to make them learn good habits.

Develop understanding

A child will act naturally, until the time you develop some understanding. For example a child is wishing for toy for which he is young, let him understand by showing him the age on the box of the toy, it is an effective way of making of children understand. You have to make them understand each and everything.

Be a role model

A child learns by seeing others, they learn by imitation. That means the children will learn whatever you are displaying in the home, if you are fighting, they fight, they will argue if they see you arguing. And if you show them only positive they are never going to learn anything negative.

Encourage literature reading

Reading moral stories to your child can help in developing good habits in them, as the raw minds will learn all the good you make them read or read for them. In the same way keep your child away from the bad media.

Remember they are still kids

Don’t expect your child to be a archetype of good habits as he is still a young kid and he is in process of learning. Have rational expectations that they can fulfill. Give them your time and attention so they can learn good habits with the time.

Appreciate more

The words of appreciation boost the will to do more and more good, it motivate the children in a way nothing else do. Appreciate your child for doing good thing like when they help someone on the street or help you, when they finish their meal and homework in time etc.

Eat together

Eating together can provide you an optimum opportunity to make your child learn eating manners and etiquettes.

Listen to them

Never ignore when a child wants you to listen to them, by listening them you can resolve their problems plus this will develop the habit of LISTENING. You know how bad it is when a child doesn’t listen.

Make them earn it

The extra pocket Money can really spoil a kid; give them money as much as they need not as much as they want. You can occasionally give them extra pocket money by making them do some work.

Make them Responsible

One of the best qualities a child can have is “being responsible”. The responsible lads are less worrying and more dependent. So make your child a little responsible from the early year of his life.


Rewards are stimulus; use rewards as a tool for making them do their best. Tell them they will get some extra of their favorite food or extra TV time.

Be patient

“A vitally important principle every parent needs to understand is that good habits must be constantly taught the child from early infancy” Ibid.

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