How to Erase Someone from Your Memory


Are you in a mental state with you are struck with the memories of old days you have spent with someone you think you can never forget? Did the person has done something to you which has caused pain to you? Did somebody, you have been emotionally attached with, have left you alone? Or have you given up upon someone that you loved, but he has rejected you? If the answer of any of above given questions is “YES” then this article is worth reading for you. Just follow the tips we are listing here and get benefited:

Know your worth:

First and foremost thing you need to do is to recognize your value. Don’t ever let them feel that you are for granted rather make the person feel that you are happier. Doing this to that someone would restore your self-respect.

Recognize the fact that love is blind:

Everybody knows that love is blind but sometimes we need to recall this fact. And now is the time when you need to recognize it. Recalling it would help you in realizing that the things which may have been appealing to you about them were just illusion and now you are living in the reality.

Don’t expect them to come back:

Never ever expect them to come back. Expectations hurts, keep it in your mind. And things often go against what we do expect. So, it is better not to expect them to come back.

Trash everything belonging to them:

Destroying the things which belong to them would make you feel better. Getting separated is not that much hurting as much as the memories are. Memories are often linked with subjects like places, things, photographs etc. Avoid visiting such places where you have been with them. Destroy the material and reminders which belongs to them.

Better to find someone better than him:

You are not deserving to stay alone and constantly making yourself hurt by remembering your past and especially the person who had left you. Just go ahead! Find someone better than them who really deserve you. In case if you don’t want to come up with a relationship again, then at least make some good friends.

Make them realize that you don’t need them anymore:

Make them feel that they are no more worth loving for you and have lost their position in your life. To do so you can use your social media accounts and can seek help of your friends to convey this thing to them.

Make them feel that you don’t like them much:

Making them feel that you don’t adore them anymore and don’t want to even see them in any field of life would make you feel quite better. It will give you comfort and make you quite peaceful.

Keep them updated with your good news:

Don’t forget keeping them updated with the good things happening in your life. Don’t ever convey this message directly because it might give the indication to them that you care about them. Send indirect messages through mutual friends.

Neglect them if they want to contact you:

Don’t even contact them and in the same way don’t let them contact you. If they do, just neglect them. This is the best way to stay away from anything, any place where you may encounter your ex.

Make them feel that you are far better than them:

Don’t underestimate yourself. Make them felt that it doesn’t make any difference that they are not with you anymore. Realize the person that you are far better than he/she.


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