How to Get Rid of Cockroaches


there are currently over 3,000 known species of roaches in the world.

The German cockroach, the most common.

The American cockroach

The brown banded cockroach

The Oriental cockroach

Palmetto Bugs (wood roaches)

These are not the all kinds of course but I am putting a list of Natural and permanent measures to get rid of all kind of the cockroaches that can possibly exist.

Boric acid + White flour + White Sugar = No Cockroaches

The problem is tough process is quite simple really simple.

Things you need:

A little amount of boric acid

White flour

White sugar



Mix the three ingredients with few drops of water. This will turn into dough like mixture.

Find all the areas and put the mixture at the place infected with the cockroaches.

How it works?

The working process is also easy; the sugar will act as bait and the boric acid will be the roach-killer. To kill all cockroaches at home use this remedy for a week or till the death of the last roach.

Boric Acid + flour + cocoa powder = end of cockroaches

Things you need:

One part Boric acid

One part Cocoa powder

Two parts of flour



Mix all the ingredients in same way as first remedy and the process is same as the above.

Kill the cockroaches with Coffee

There has been discussions made on killing cockroaches with the aid of coffee, some people says it’s the perk in the coffee that kills the cockroaches while others says the smell do the work. Regardless of the debate coffee is actually a great remedy to get rid of roaches.

Things you need:

coffee grinds

a large glass jar


small cup (to place in the jar)


Fill the glass jar with water about half.

Place the coffee grinds in the small cup.

Place the cup inside the jar and then place the jar near the targeted area.
The aroma of coffee will attract the roaches and once they enter the jar they will fell and drown into the water.

You can toss the jar out then, repeat the process until the day you see no cockroach trapped.


Mix coffee grinds in any organic palatable and in order to serve roaches place it, where you usually see the creepy insects.

Kill the Roaches with Fabric Softener

Roaches breathe through their lower body, when you spray fabric softener on cockroaches, it will produce difficulty in breathing and they will die with suffocation.

Things you need:

A spry bottle


Fabric softener


Make a solution of 3 part fabric softener and 2 parts of water.

Pour it in the spray bottle.

Spray the solution on the cockroaches. Target the lower mid region and head.

Spray at the places where you see the cockroaches.



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