How to Prevent Heat Stroke When Working Outside


Marilyn J. Heine says,

“The best defense against any heat-related illness is prevention. Be extra careful when the heat index is 90 degrees or above. (The heat index tells you how hot it feels in the shade when relative humidity combines with the air temperature.) Always, always drink plenty of water when the heat index is high and avoid caffeine and alcohol. If you must be outdoors, take frequent breaks inside or in the shade, if you take precautions and know the warning signs, you generally can prevent heat stroke. Keep a close watch on the elderly and infants, people on certain medications, athletes and outdoor workers.”

Recognize these cautioning signs:

Pale skin

Fatigue, weakness

Dizzy or nauseous

Sweating profusely

Rapid pulse

Fast, shallow breathing

Muscle weakness or cramps

Dr. Heine demonstrates, “If you experience any of these symptoms, get out of the heat quickly and rest in a cool, shady place. Drink plenty of water or other fluids containing sugar and salt. Do NOT drink alcohol; that can make it worse. If you don’t feel better within 30 minutes, contact your doctor. If heat exhaustion isn’t treated, it can progress to heat stroke.”

Measures to prevent heat stroke:

Drink plenty

this is something which is being advised repeatedly because the number one reason people get heatstroke is because of dehydration therefore you must drink plenty of fluids before, during and after you are done working. The heat causes you to sweat which dehydrates you quicker than normal. But avoid extra chilled water and drinks as it can cause stomach cramps.

Sports drinks

you should drink regular water as well as sports drinks. They will help refill the salt and other nutrients that have been sweating out.

Let your body heat escape

Covering head with hat of cap might seem the best option to avoid sun-rays but it is not actually the best idea. It will stop your body’s heat from coming out and make the chances of heat strokes. Let your body heat escape in order to avoid heat strokes. You keep your eyes safe from heat with sunglasses.

Wear loose and light clothing

This is the season you need to rethink before you get dressed up, choose colors that doesn’t absorb heat, as all the light and bright colors, anything that clings to your body or is made of a heavy fabric will keep your body heat from escaping. Try to wear short sleeves.

Take breaks

Working exhaustedly can make your body suffer, you need breaks while working in high temperature, It is crucial that you must give your body a chance to cool down and relaxed. When taking short breaks during work it absolutely reduces the chances of heat strokes and increases your efficiency to work.

Protect yourself from UV rays

the ultra violet rays that sun omits are can be very dangerous for human being at times of summer, keep yourself out of the reach of direct exposure with ultra violet sun-rays.

Avoid alcohol caffeinated beverages

these work as are diuretics, which is known to move fluid out of the body faster than anything else and makes you dehydrated and consequently increases the chances of heatstroke. Sugary drinks, like sodas, slow down the absorption of water into your system.

Free advice:

if you are working outside under the sun, keep your neck and wrists wet or make them wet time by time to stay cool and safe from heatstroke.

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