Ideas Things to Pack when Traveling Overseas

Despite the fact you like to carry rolling bags or the backpacks, the luggage limits are strict enough to force you to not pack whatever you want to. In addition to that, there are thing that get on your nervous as realizing you will never wear or use half the stuff you just carried all way from home to the other end of the world and also knowing what you have left home but need right now. So it is quite important to know what-to-pack-and-what-not.


The average allowed luggage weight is around… 50 pound, in light of this and also the fact that you will need space for things you are going to buy along the way, here in the list below.

The Necessaries:

Travel Documents: this is the most important thing you are going to need from airport to the hotel and back to come back, so first thing to pack should be your Passports, visas, itineraries, tickets, maps, prescriptions and anything else that you could possibly and realistically be lost without.

International SIM card: You are obviously doesn’t want to disconnect from the people behind and to be able to reach others you will need an International SIM card.

Clothing: packing clothes for overseas can be tricky, as they take a bundle of space in the carriage. Confirm the weather predictions there for choosing best clothes and pack ONLY what you are going to WEAR, so you can save up space for other useful things. Pack best suited dresses and accessories.

Shoes: this is necessary to pack shoes but do you think you really need to carry 10 pairs for 10 days stay? Again pack only what you will ACTUALLY wear.

Money: you absolutely can’t forget it, bring along some converted cash.

Medications: not all the medicines and supplements are available around the world, so it will be better for you to pack the medication and may be keeps some extra in case you lost some.

Your picks:

Eye Mask and Ear Plugs: the noise and light can be troublesome during the flights and you might become irritated and disturbed because of lack of rest, to avoid this you will need a soft eye mask and year plugs.

Bathing goodies: a hand sanitizer, your shampoo, conditioner, shower gel etc, you can bring these tiny thing as you won’t go to the market to right after you reach the other land.

Your beauty box: I suggest to pack only the important things what you casually use, not all of them. Well we can’t help in case of females, but men can pack the shaving kit and what else?

Travel Pillow: that self-inflating travel pillow compressed into a small carry box, is one of the best things you can took with you.

Don’t pick the following:

  • All the unnecessary clothes, shoes and accessories you can stay without.
  • Don’t pack Your Jewelry and Valuables
  • Don’t pack stuff you can buy there
  • Don’t pick any unnecessary gadgets
  • If traveling with kids don’t carry around their toys or books.



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