If you are Smart and Complexion is not very Fair what Should you Wear for Wedding Functions:

Now a day’s many of the girls figure is too smart. And yes they are worried to what to wear on. Many of the girls do wear different stuffs. But you need to wear some that kind of the dress in which you look bit healthy. So just you need to do what is, to follow us. There is different culture of dresses. Different culture has different face colors. So each and every person wants to wear that kind of a stuff which suits them.

Wear sea green or dark green:

Wear green skirt or ghagra. You need to wear ghagra if you’re Asian. Asian girls can wear up these colors of ghagra with a sleeveless shirt. It will maximize your dark color well. And your dress shouldn’t be too much tight or too much loose. Make it proper in proper fitting. And for the western girls you can put skirts not with the full length. But you need to shine up your legs that would seem pretty cool. Beware of wearing skin tight dresses. It’s going to be glamour out your personality.

Tight dress:

You need to put on skinny dresses. This will provide you an extra shape to your body. So you need to put on skinny trousers and skinny jeans and skinny tops on your leg. Or Capri is going to suit on your skinny legs well. Put it on with different styles of embroidery.

Clingy fabric:

Fabric is the best to use for illusion. If you are not getting weight on then you need to wear clingy fabric. But clingy fabric didn’t help you to make curve to your figure then you need to put some kind of wool. That can easily frame up your body well.

Avoid wearing too much black:

Black color is actually suited on the bulky figures. As in black a bulky body seems slim. And slim and dark girls, got more elaborated in such stuffs. So avoid having black on. If you’re going to put black color own then make it kind of baggy dress with full embroidery with golden color.

Wear horizontal striped:

You need to wear striped shirts with horizontal lines on your dress. It will provide your body some curves. And beware that the dress won’t be so skinny tight.


Avoid orange and tomato red.

You also need to avoid orange color. Because the dark colors gets more attraction when you’re wearing orange and tomato red kinds of colors.


Belts would become your best friend. As to cover up your little and tiny waist you need to cover it with the thick and kind of shinny belts. Belts should be stylish.


Baggy clothes:

You also need to wear baggy cloth with nice trendy Coco color. As the Coco color never have an ending trend. This kind of the dress will makes you more gorgeous.

Long sleeves:

Wearing long sleeves and coupled up your dress will makes your thin body hidden in to the dress.



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