How to Impress Anyone in First Meeting

“The impression is the last impression.” It is not accepted by all; even I will reject it if there are chances to meet up again frequently. But there are also chances that the person makes a perception or image of you in his mind though that image can break in afterward meetings. Whatever we say, we cannot deny the significance of the first impression, it usually last longer and sometimes last forever if people never meet again. If the first impression is not good enough people might not want to see you again, if it is good that means you are more sociable.

Impressing someone in the first meeting means your impression should be very strong and positive, of course.

Read the following article to seek guidance to impress someone in the first meeting.


To impress someone don’t you think you should know a little more than the name of person you are going to see, the place you are going to, the reason you are called and all. If you know about the person, place and purpose of meeting you sure will be more confident and impressive. If you do some research over the topic of possible conversation.


Prepare yourself according to the results of the research. Do all the necessary preparations for the meeting and be prepared to face any kind of situation. If you are prepared you can tackle any kind of situation more impressively.

Dress up

Well you cannot impress anyone ONLY with your dress up but you CAN impress them with you dressing. The more elegantly you dress up the more it will become easy impress anyone. Choose the best suited dress for yourself when you want to impress anyone, not only the dress but your whole body image should be nice and clean. You a fascinating fragrance, attractive body accessories and matching shoes and jewelry, you can do contrasting but be sure about how it looks. I suggest one more thing; always wear clothes in which you feel comfortable.

Greetings and Introduction

This is when you first open your mouth, so say something impressing and nice. Your greeting should be warm and kind but strong. Greeting should be followed by the short introduction of you.

Eye contact

When you are talking with someone, talk while making eye contact. Don’t let your eyes astray here and there and look into eyes, this is a sign that shows your confidence and sincerity.

Balance in Observation, Questions and Answers

Don’t be divided into observing things, asking questions and responding to the questions. Keep balance in all three. Observe, ask question is shows your interest but don’t ask too many questions. Answer any question asked.


Keep a smiling face, it is positive and reveals that you are gentle and courteous person.

Your body language

Your body languages reveals more than your words about you, so be careful about your sitting posture, your gestures and facial expressions.

Pitch and tone of your voice

Talk in normal voice. Don’t be too loud or too low to not be audible for the person listening to you. You should also take care of what you say and in what tone you say it.

Reminder: Be genuine and be yourself!


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