How To Keep Our Environment Clean

Not only our homes but the areas outside our homes also deserve attention from our behalf. It is also our obligation to make our surrounding neat and clean to have hygienic atmosphere. If we throw garbage in open places then that will create the atmosphere unpleasant full of filth and germs and that will bring harmful diseases for us. Sanitation is must for our good health and if our atmosphere is polluted then we are responsible for this. We should not blame the government for garbage or dust but it is the responsibility or every individual to take care of the surrounding. First of all accept this that you have to take initial steps and not to depend upon others if the area around your home is dusty or filthy. Some steps that you can take in hi regard are given below.

Love your society:

If you really love your home you will do everything to make it look clean same is the case with society. Love your society and do every effort to keep your society filthy and unhygienic. You can place dustbin at certain distances and if you see any wrapper or peel that is on the way, throw that in dustbin nearby. You can set a good example for others then following you the people will not throw garbage on road if they see someone is too much concern with a single wrapper then how could they throw garbage in open. Rather with a planning appoint a guard who came to houses and take away all garbage where it could recycle or reuse easily.

Grow plants and greenery for healthy atmosphere:

Because of air pollution and noise pollution our atmosphere becomes too dusty that it becomes difficult for people to breath. TO avoid this you can make trees and plants at large rate. As you know they consume carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. Not only the plants and trees will give a nice visual but also they will make air full of oxygen to make you feel please while breathe.

Control water pollution:

If you do not care of water bodies like lakes, rivers, ocean and groundwater etc then this will lead to water pollution. This kind of pollution occurs when you throw different harmful pollutants in to the river or lakes. People throw their garbage nearby lake and river that go then into the sea. This contaminates the water and also it is harmful for inhabitants of rivers or lakes. Many industries throw chemicals in water in large quantity. Those chemicals bring harmful effect to environment effecting people around and the living beings of water. There should be some law to prevent people from throwing waste chemicals and garbage in open water.

Make people aware of the effects of pollution:

We should make people aware of results of pollution. If they throw cigarettes open on the ground or throw away peels of fruits or vegetables openly these will make the roads dirty and can harm the passengers. Start a campaign in which people at large rate should start collecting garbage and rubbish to make others aware that if they are throwing it openly then they are doing wrong. Educate children in their school that to keep society clean is their duty and they cannot throw trash openly. Make boards on which write the advantages of keeping the atmosphere clean.

If every individual took it as his responsibility to keep at least his surrounding clean then this can lead to the cleanliness of the whole society then whole city and then also the whole earth. Start doing some work to make your areas clean and free of dust and rubbish.

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