Lazy Girl’s Guide to Grooming

“There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.” – Helena Rubenstein

Helena said it very truly. As we can’t deny every women is naturally pretty and have special charm, But it fades away with time when we don’t take good care of our skin, hair, body and its health. Some girls are lazy enough to not give a thought to look her best and prefer staying in pajamas and messed up hair. But girls, you got to know this, you can look great even being lazy, just continue reading and you will find interesting ways to look prettiest.


Face wipes

  • Washing
  • Toning
  • Moisturizing
  • Twice a day!!!

Oh sounds difficult for you? It can be hard for someone who is ‘lazy’ and above that it damages skin. The most important thing with regard to your skin is that you keep it clean and healthy. Do you sleep with makeup on? Too bad for your skin! But wait there is a solution, you can use face wipes to remove make up you don’t feel like to get up and wash your face or do cleansing.

Foot treatment

Do you ignore your feet? If yes, it will make your feet look older even before they are actually old. Be kind to them and give an easy and almost no effort intense treatment.

Here it is:

Apply Vaseline on your feet and then put on comfortable cushioned socks before going to bed. You will see the magic.


Do you like long nails? But can’t take care of them? Yes you can’t because long nails are not for lazy girls, they require so much care as they easily get unhygienic, nail color easily get chipped and nails can look really ugly. The solutions you have are ‘biosculpture’ or get manicure and pedicure.

Undesired Hair

They laser hair removal treatment might sound the best option but It might not be as It has some drawbacks, it’s expensive, it is not so guaranteed and reliable. There are other ways to get rid of unwanted hair on your face and body that are ‘waxing’, ‘epilation’. These treatment needs to be repeated after every 4-6 months.


Do you like make up but have no guts and motivation to apply it? Not to worry, there is solution to that as well.

  • If you can’t get you brows fix, use pencil to fix it.
  • Make your mascara sliiiightly warmed for longer eye lashes. (Keep it in your arm pit for a minute)
  • Use a BB cream, it can replace your foundation, moisturizer and the sun-screen.
  • For lips, use nude and matt colors they don’t need frequent touch ups.

Hair styling and care

The most common problem you can face daily is managing your hair. First thing should be taking proper care of your hair even if you are lazy or not. If you can’t take shower daily, you can just wash the hair only but you have to keep them clean no matter what.

Now let’s talk about styling. You actually don’t need to blow dry, straight or curl your hair if you have manageable hair, but if you don’t use managing hair serums and sprays to keep hair from looking disaster. You can make simple 30-second hair styles just make half braid, twisted hair from both side of hair, make classy bun by simply rolling hair clock wise and then pin it! Or just use a head band.

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