Make Your Baby Smart From Early Age

A mother play vital role In the development of child. Even before birth mother can make prepare her child for many things as for his taste, likings and disliking etc. A child after birth response more on things he has listened in the womb of mother.

So when you are in pregnancy try to listen well and talk good to teach your child. Talk to your baby more and more so he might learn his native language early. Not after the birth but when your child is in your womb, his education has been started. To make your child intelligent and learn early you can follow these things to do:

Talk to your baby and make him laugh:

Mother is the first teacher for a child. She should speak to him looking at the child’s eye. With eye contact child will soon start recognizing his mother face and when he will see her mother talking and moving her lips to speak he will also try to utter words to imitate her.

Looking at the mother smiling face child will also smile and from this stage you can stimulate his senses of vision, hearing and communicating. Making funny faces you can make your child laugh and can develop his sense of humor.

Try to do some things with continuity:

Doing something with continuity you can sharpen the memory of your child. You can make your own song for the time of changing the diaper. Try to talk about your actions as if you are going to switch off the light ask your child that I m going to switch off light. This continuity is fundamental and will help to sharpen the memory of child.

Physical movements for baby:

Lie yourself on floor and let your baby crawl upon you. Keep his favorite toy at distance and ask him to go and take that. Place some obstacles in the way and then he will start using his mind to go through the obstacles like pillows, cushions or boxes in order to reach at his destiny. These activities will make him active and smart boy.

Make his decision making power strong:

You can make the decision making power of your child strong with putting before him two of the options and ask what he would like to prefer. For example put two bowls and ask in which he would like to eat and also tell him about the colors. This activity will make him realize that his selection also counts a lot and from this his individuality will start to begin.

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