Make Your Life Simple And Be Contented

With less thinking you can make your life full of happiness. It is the thinking that makes you feel trouble and make you fall in inferiority complex. We made our life difficult with thinking a lot. Every person wants to stay happy but it is also the truth that in present times every person seems to be in stress and tensions.

People are engrossed too much in their works and have lost their minds in achieving high purpose that they have forgotten about their own personal life. This is important to give time yourself and also to people around you for your own inner happiness.

Life is great blessing and we must try to live every moment and for this purpose it is not necessary to have luxurious life and a good fortune but the more you stay simple the more you will feel happy.

Be simple in your eating:

We have made our lives difficult with eating junk foods, chicken, meat and fish on daily basis while we can live on simple diet plan. People do not leave eating until they feel their stomach loaded with food and it becomes difficult for them to move. From here problems begin so make your diet plan light and healthy. Include all things in your food but with appropriate quantity that could not make trouble for you in future.

Be thankful with whatever you have:

Before looking at the people who are superior to you and start feeling envious must also look those who are not equal to you. Whenever people of high rank society come before you and make you feel about the things that you do not have, look at the blessings that you are having. Like a man who have no shoes can be thankful for having at least feet to walk. If you are contented then nothing in world can make you feel inferior to anyone.

Beauty lies in simplicity:

Mostly people feel discontented for not having an attractive face or good looks. You can groom your personality; you can dress up in trendy clothes that are affordable for you. Wearing neat, clean and fine-looking outfits you can make your simple looking personality inspirational for others.

Forgive others:

We are living in between of people and here we have to face different kinds of people. You will find good and bad people both around you and to leave a person if he/ she is bad is not worth you must know how to deal with that certain kind of person.

A good person stay good with everyone and you may have to bear a lot when facing the bad people who just speak ill-will about you. If you are having grudge with someone this will just make you feel stress instead try to forgive the person and then forget. This forgiveness will actually give you inner happiness and you will feel relief.

Eating simple and healthy diet, Feeling thankful and contented with your lot and by having good interactions with people around you, you can have pleasant and happy life.

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