Natural Remedies for Stress and Depression

Stress and depression are the silent killers; they harm us slowly and affect our mental and physical health. Stress, sometimes is good for you because it keeps you alert, motivated and primed to respond to danger, stress mobilizes the body to respond improving performance. But when stress crosses the limits, it turns to depression.

Depression is a state of low mood and activity that affects a person’s thoughts, behavior and feelings. Depressed people always feel sadness, anxiety, helpless, hopeless, guilty, angry and restless.  They lose interest in activities, experience loss of appetite or weight, loss of memory, concentration and experience relationship difficulties.

Depression can be cured by medications along with therapy. In this article we will tell you that how can you cure and overcome your depression by some natural and easy ways.

Healthy Diet:

Dr Ramsay says, Diet is a key to reducing anxiety, according to his advice, eat a whole-foods, plant-based diet with carefully selected meat and sea food, plenty of leafy green veggies to get foliate and a wide variety of phytonutrients to help reduce anxiety. Eat a high protein diet

Physical Exercise:

Physical exercise is one of the best things; you can do for elevating your mood. It increases circulation to deliver more oxygen, glucose and nutrients to your brain while clearing out toxins and metabolic debris. Exercise releases happy-making endorphins, which act like natural anti-depressants so do exercise regularly and be happy. Some forward thinking agencies are also prescribing exercise instead antidepressants because the results of antidepressants are so poor than the exercise. It can be said the exercise is more effective and safer than the medicines.

Herb Remedies:

Depression however can require medical attention but you can also overcome it with some herbs too. Study suggested that saffron might increase the levels of serotonin and other chemicals in the brain and saffron is effective in reducing the symptoms of depression.

Fish Oil:

Fish oils are good for health and heart and perhaps they protect against depression. Take the supplement that contains omega 3 fatty acids, which are found in fish like salmon, herring, tuna and albacore. Experts generally recommend that you get omega 3 fatty acids from food whenever possible. In areas where the consumption of fish oil or omega 3 fatty acids is high, people tend to have lower rates of depression.


Studies have shown that in both people with emotional distress and major depression, practicing yoga reduces stress, anxiety, hostility and depression. Yoga also improves energy, sleep quality and well-being.  Yoga may have to be a simple, low-risk tool for improving depression.

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