How to Overcome Money Stress

The biggest problem of the WORLD right now is MONEY, this means you’re not alone in this problem, according to a study when Americans were asked about their cause of stress the 80% of them had money as a source of stress the second on list is Work, third is Economy and then others. Money certainly has the ability to make us relieved and stressed when we don’t have any. The bad financial times can make us stressed and worried, as the Job insecurity, redundancy, and debt and financial problems can all cause emotional distress. But think about it, “Worry, like a rocking chair will give you something to do, but it won’t get you anywhere.” – Vance Havner, and try to find a way out!


The following are some best ways you can overcome money stress, maintain your mental health and get hold of your money.

See the glass half-full

The bad times can make us pessimist and we start seeing only the bad or negative aspects that make us more and more depressed and we fail to get our thoughts together and do something about the root problem. So stop thinking negatively, see the possibilities to overcome your money crisis and Know this, “There is always a way out.”

Don’t get isolated

The worst thing people do when they have financial crisis is ‘THEY HIDE IT’, they hide their financial position to not make their family worried and sometimes to hide their incompetence or their failure to achieve a goal but you shouldn’t be doing this, not everyone is always successful even the Bill Gates failed at his first business. “Let other people in and let them know how difficult things are, and don’t try to keep a stiff upper lip and bear it all yourself,” –Liza Gold

Plan, get help from Money Advisor

Venting will not help and you know that, so start planning about what next. If you don’t have a job, search for it, even settle for a less paying and keep on searching better job and if you run a business than make New plans to overcome the disaster watch every aspect of the business and then make decisions. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao-tzu


Make a decent budget

When you realize you have money problem, the first thing you should be doing is to revise the whole budget. See how and where you are spending your money, what the necessities are and what the things that can wait are. $400 billion are spent yearly on eating out in America, think about eating home, if you shop high brands come back to low brands they actually provide good quality goods. In short, “Save money and it will save you.”

Don’t be obsessed with money

“When money becomes your purpose stress and depression becomes your path.” – Prabhakaran

We can’t deny the importance of money in our lives as “Money alone has the ability to make the whole world moving.” We all work for it so we can live a fulfilling life but the problem begins when we become OBSESSED with money than it make us suffer.


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