Personal Grooming for Elegance

Before anything else, one thing must be understood, “personal grooming doesn’t mean Vanity.” It is general perception of many people that self grooming is taking pride in oneself or anything like that, but is merely taking care of oneself out of self love which his/her right and there shouldn’t be any objection to that.

Personal grooming is important to maintain good skin, healthy lifestyle and to look good at any time. People who don’t look after themselves in normal routine run to beauty parlors and stylist at times when they have to LOOK good contrarily women who take simple steps of personal hygiene and grooming looks elegant and are always ready for any event.


Here are some easy tips for looking beautifully elegant.

Your body posture

It might sound out of blue, but for looking elegant you have to watch and fix your posture. Start right now; see how you are sitting right now? Is that a right posture? If you are sitting or standing in a curve you got to learn about the RIGHT posture. Fixing your body posture is important for more than one reason. First it shows your inner feelings or tells about your state of mind. And if you want to look elegant there is no way you can sit, stand or walk with a wrong posture. Secondly, if your posture isn’t right you might get back, shoulder or neck pain too often.


An unhealthy and unfit body cannot look very elegant. To avoid obesity and many other diseases including depression you must exercise daily at least for 5 minutes. It will keep your body in shape and your body healthy.


Your hair is probably the most prominent thing in your personality, a slight change in hair can make you look more beautiful. The important thing is you should be aware of what style of hair suits you and what color go with your color complexion and age. Consult a hair stylist and get your prettiest hair.

The other things that you should take care daily is cleaning your hair and scalp clean, take shower every day (not every day if you have dry skin). Make elegant looking hair style.


No one can look beautiful with rough, hairy, dry, acne effected skin or uneven skin tone. And to avoid that you must take proper care of your skin. If you use too much make on your skin you must cleanse your skin with rose water or a high quality cleanser. Water is like a one man army when it comes to skin problems, drink plenty of water to avoid acne, skin dryness and other disorders.

Make up

No women can abandon make up. And you don’t specifically have to. Just taking simple measures can help in avoiding disadvantages or side effects of using make up.

  • Never use low quality cosmetics
  • Try to avoid using make up when not necessary
  • Never sleep with makeup on
  • Don’t just wash off make up do proper cleansing
  • Never over do it, always put on simple and light make up.


Nails and cuticle are very important when we talk about personal hygiene and grooming. Keep your nails clean, well shaped and get manicure if needed.

Dress up in style

You don’t have to be fashionable for looking good just be stylish and own your style. Wear clean, ironed clothes and don’t ever compromise your comfort when it comes to dress up. You don’t have to wear revealing, short dresses to look ‘hot’ if you are not comfortable. Just be yourself and wear elegant clothes.



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