When a Poor Website Can Cost you and How to Resolve Your Problem


Imagine that you have opened a bookshop but didn’t put books on bookshelves. You just post your timings and have some other signs that you are selling books. Do you think you can run your bookshop that way?

The answer must be a big NO. You need to update your shop and make a demonstration for your customers that you have got a good and big collection of all sorts of books they need.

Same is with your website. If you don’t update your website, it fails to show important information and is hard to navigate then you might be doing worst to your business.

If you don’t visit your website like a consumer does, you are not doing well to it. It is not a good practice to just make a website and later on not checking its basics.

Check out if:

  • Is your website responsive?
  • You upload your images and videos correctly and immediately?
  • Do all the hyperlinks given in the website work?
  • Is all the content timely and up-to-dated?
  • Does the navigation works correctly?
  • Is the contact information given on the website works correctly?
  • Have you accommodated the visitors with a mobile version of your website?

If the answer of any of the above questions is ‘no’ then you no longer have any excuse for owning a bad website which can cost you rather than producing benefit for you because your website is the first impression your customers get about your business.

How to resolve:

Make it responsive:

In order to make your website work better for you, you need to make is responsive and user friendly. The visitor should get quickest response from your website.

As the most world has transferred to mobiles and tablets so it is very important to provide a mobile version of your website so that people may see it, properly. Make sure that the navigation works correctly.


Make sure that you update your website quickly at the times when it needs to be. Uploading latest information brings you the benefit. Obsolete information is useless and leave bad impression on the minds of visitors, as a result they stop visiting and recommending your website to others.

Working hyperlinks

Make sure that all the hyperlinks you have provided on your website, work properly. Idle hyperlinks defect the repute of your website.

Correct information

Put the contact information on your website correctly otherwise your candidacy would be questioned which is really a very bad mark.

Do something more than just functioning properly

To make your website a good one, make it more than just functioning properly. It should offer and interesting and compelling offer. Provide more reasons on your website for your visitors to stay there for longer and visit again that is why most people don’t stay on a website for more than 15 seconds.

Encouraging content

Your website needs to hold the attention of people and compel them to visit again. Create some content on your website which encourages the longer visits of the people. It would help you in embedding your market message to be seen and read.

Valuable content

The content you put on your website should tell the visitors about our business and should add into your value. Update the content as often as possible. Make it able to get attention of the visitors.

Pay attention to design

Does your website look good and dated? Keep on refreshing logos, colors, fonts, motifs etc.



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