Most Popular Beauty Cream Products In Pakistan

Girls in Pakistan are obsessed with the craze of white and glowing skin because in our society the standard of beauty starts with fair and white color complexion. If we look at the standard of morality then all people are same and we cannot look down some one for his black complexion.

But girls have to follow the majority and these rules are set down that fair and white complexion faces are beautiful. A glowing and healthy skin looks very pretty and to obtain such skin a healthy diet, proper sleep, water intake and cleansing face twice week is enough. But if you desire to have white color then some of the creams are considered very useful in this regard. In Pakistan girls are adopting different methods to have white skin color.

They are going to extreme of taking harmful products and ways such as injections that can make their skin white and many other things. What the majority do is applying whitening creams and the most popular white cream that actually work are here for you:

Fair and lovely cream:

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This is the no one whitening cream in Pakistan and it suits most of the skin types. The majority of girls in Pakistan prefer this cream and this is away from all kinds of harmful effects. You can apply this cream in all season. Users of this cream claim that the fair and lovely cream shows the instant reaction and make their skin white and glowing.

Its price is very cheapest affordable for people and it is easily available in market. Mostly young and college going girls use this cream daily for its harmless result. Even girls wash their face with fair and lovely face wash first and apply cream later. This double application show more significant result.

Ponds white beauty cream:

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After fair and lovely the second best cream is ponds that is especially for oily skin. This cream works very well in humid weather and it contains advanced multi-vitamin formula and in couple of weeks can give you a fair complexion. The fragrance of this cream is very nice and it gives pinkish glow removing all kinds of spots. Its price is expensive as compare to fair and lovely. It is used by people of all ages and the result is very quick.

Garnier whitening cream:

Garnier is also include in the list of best products in Pakistan. Its ingredients are fruits, herbs and vitamin c. It shows its result in few weeks and it saves skin from sun exposure and harmful effects that sun rays can bring. It is suitable for all skin types. It is very effective to fight against the skin marks and spots. Not only fight against the sun rays but also can remove the spots and scars making skin clean from all kinds of dark spots.

Clean and clear cream:

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This brand has its name worldwide and women all over the world use this cream. It does contain natural ingredients and can help to remove oil, open pores and dirt. You can have fresh and clean skin all day long by applying this cream. Its oil free content is the one of the best thing and it is available easily in market. The quality of this product is very good and it is included in affordable products.

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