Self Expression Through Your Wardrobe

Dress-up is all about “self-expression”, not from today, it has been this ways since forever. People might dress-up to inspire or make an impression yet most of the people wear what make them feel comfortable and confident, if not that means they are “fashion freak”, because you will only put on something uncomfortable when you bound yourself to follow the fashion trends. On the other hand, we can all see how people of different age groups use their wardrobes to show their inner self. The only problem that proves to be a hindrance between you expressing your real self is the so called “rules of fashion”. If you can make yourself cross this hurdle you door to Self expressive wardrobe is open.


Here are some tips on how you can express yourself with style.

‘Style Vs fashion’


Yes, this is how it is; there is huge difference between “being stylish” and “being fashionable”. You can be both at the same time but depends. Style is broader term (in my eyes) your creativity to make an out it and to carry an outfit is what being stylish requires, being fashionable means all you got to do is copy the model who carried the dress. Again being stylish means you get the inspiration from ‘the fashion’ and own it. You can express yourself being stylish, by choosing what you love the most and what you can wear the best!

Think about ‘being confident’

You can’t be expressing yourself in an unconfident clumsy way. You know that! You are expressing ‘yourself’ only when you are confident in what you are wearing. In other words, the confidence comes from the being yourself and not just a trend follower. I suggest, never compromise your confidence for wearing a ‘fashionable’ dress.

Wear what suits ‘your body’

It is been asked is it necessary to wear only what suits your body type and figure. Well the answer isn’t rigid. You should wear what suits your body but that is not a compulsion. It is important to dress-up for your body, and a lot of people do so, because it helps in appearing tall, thin, hiding flaws, showing curves and staying in the confidence-zone.


BUT, if you really want to wear something that you love, then the only thing matters is how YOU feel in it, not what other think (who gives a thought after all). Be yourself, wear what you like!

The small things that make big difference

Your wardrobe is not only about the clothes. There are other small things like body accessories, jewelry and the Shoes. Your complete appearance comes when all these things are worn, and the truth is these things can make or break your whole look. No rules for carrying these things, just as it please you, and how you create a glamorous looks wearing all the appropriate clothes, jewelry, body accessories like scarf, gloves, belts etc and the shoes.


Style out of ‘self love, not urge to be recognized

You cannot express yourself when you have a mindset of impressing others, getting acknowledgment for your fashion sense and knowledge, only when you style yourself out of self love, then you can do wonders and I am positive you will be happy loving yourself and the love from others will be drawn as well, so just cut the rules since it isn’t a crime. You are a complete person and truly beautiful no matter what you wear.


Be yourself, because you are amazing!

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