Self Grooming Makeup Tips for Women


If you have been up all night working on some important presentation or taking care of your sick child and have got dark eye circles or if you are growing older and finding lines or wrinkles in your face or you have got a tough routine as much as you don’t find time to take care of your skin and looks. In all these and such other cases, you can find makeup as a great lifesaver.

It is something very interesting to transform a dim look into elegant one which makes you look quite enchanting and adorable. If you want to make such change, here are a few tips to get what you can just imagine for. It will take hardly 20-30 minutes to make you look great. Have a look on given tips:

Mornings can be highly annoying and upsetting if you cannot enjoy the early morning with singing birds. All you have to do is effort since the very moment when you alarm rings. You can find time as a nightmarish blur while getting reading and reaching office or dropping kids at their school. Even you do so many things the night before such as preparing clothes, briefcase, backpacks etc.

It would be an easy and quick way to skip the makeup in order to save time. Few of the women like to start the day with no makeup on their face. But! Let me tell you makeup not only makes you look better but also saves your skin from polluted environment and helps in keeping the skin healthy and glowing. These days, most of the makeup products contain skin care ingredients such as products with sun protection contents.

Moreover, some of the skin products help in renewing your skin and reversing age spots, lines, wrinkles and environmental damages so just transform your looks by giving yourself a few spare minutes.


  • Cleanse your face and apply a good moisturizer after mixing it with a skin illuminator. It will give a glowing effect to your skin.
  • Now apply the foundation and blend it around your jaw line.
  • Use a powder-puff to press powder into your skin evenly. It is important if you want your makeup stay for longer period, especially when weather is hot.
  • In the morning, squirt eye drops in your eyes to make them look brighter. You can also squirt a drop on a pimple to reduce its redness quickly.
  • Apply mascara on your eyelashes and brush your eyebrows into the shape and use a soft pencil to quickly define them.
  • In case of blusher, less is more. Apply sheer color fattest parts and slightly extend the color towards your ears.
  • Apply single coat of colored lip gloss for a healthy shine and to make your lips soft and natural.
  • This easy and light make up would make you look groomed and charming without putting some extra effort.
  • There are a few magic tool which helps in making you look totally different and very groomed which include light sheer, nude lip gloss without sparkling effects, rosy nude lipstick and lip liner, Shimmery chocolate brown eye shadow, Shimmery pinkish-beige eye shadow, Black eyeliner pencil, black mascara, highlighters, Soft rose-colored powder blush, powder and concealer.

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