Side Effects of Facial Skin Bleach


Using facial skin bleaches for whitening your skin can cause harm to your skin as they contain chemicals which damage your skin in the long run. Many women use these bleaches on their skin it is less expensive and painful as compared to waxing but is more hazardous. They find ways for getting rid of facial hair which are less painful and inexpensive and they chose bleaching. They don’t know its side effects and go wrong with it and end up with different skin problems.

There are certain side effects of bleaching on the skin that we all must be aware of.

Dark grey spots:

For the time being, bleaching makes your skin looks whiten and brighten but it leaves very harmful effects in the long run. Dark grey spots are appeared on your skin due to the excessive use of it. Chemicals which are present in bleach are quite unhealthy for your skin. These dark grey spots are ogten ever lasting.


Acne is a highly bothering problem in women. Using facial skin bleach causes acne on your skin which later on leaves scars on your skin which are long lasting.

Thinning of skin:

Now people are realizing that there are many hazards of using facial skin bleach as some of these skin bleach creams leave severe effects on your skin. Skin becomes thinner over time especially the areas near your eyes are affected.

Swelling of skin:

Due to the dangerous chemicals in facial skin bleach, the skin gets swelled over time.

Skin cancer:

Skin cancer can also be caused due to facial skin bleach. Chemicals does absorb in your skin which later on may become the reason of skin cancer which must be chronic.

Allergic Reactions:

Facial skin bleach may also cause severe allergic reactions. In this case, immediately consult your skin doctor. Allergic reactions may include rashes, itching, swelling, dizziness and trouble in breathing. Everyone may not get affected by such reactions but you must stay aware of your skin type and make sure that your skin is healthy enough to bear those chemicals which are found in these facial skin bleaches.

Skin Irritation:

Skin bleach also causes skin irritation. It takes 10-15 minutes to remove the color of facial hair and chemicals remain on your skin for this duration. You can imagine how dangerous it can be for your skin.

These chemicals may cause redness and irritation on your skin. If you leave the bleach on your skin for too long, it may also burn your skin.

Red watery Eyes:

Facial skin bleach often contains pungent odor agents which cause redness and watering to your eyes. Almost all the manufactures try to cover this odor with fragrances but it is of course of no use. As the fumes of the chemicals can make your eyes red and can even irritate them causing them to water. So never apply bleach on your eyebrows or on the areas around your eyes. These are a few of many side effects of bleaching face.

Permanent Discoloration:

Bleaching your skin on regular bases permanently decolorize your skin hair. They become white for good and become more visible on your skin. This side effect does not take place on everyone but really depends on the individual.


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