Things to do in Night Over with Friends

A night over’s other name is “making-memories-time”, spending your time with the friends doing nothing but FUN is all about having a night over. But THIS actually happens that you fall short of ideas and the whole night is spent in thinking what-to-do. Well, there are so many THINGS that you can do at home without causing any trouble and making the time well spent with your BFFs.


See the following fun-things to do at a night-over.

Pinterest project Party (PPP)

You all know those pretty and lovely Pinterest projects you have pinned since ever but never took the chance to try some. Isn’t this Time is the best time to give it a go? Let your creativity get some recognition, plan a party night themed on Pinterest projects. You have no idea how much fun it can be! And yes, don’t forget to take picture, a lot of Pictures.

Gossip, Gossip and gossip

This makes the time pass fastest. Sit in your bed with the gang and bring up the “the most hot topic”. You know this is fun and increases your knowledge. (Wink!)

Pajama party

Why not a pajama with the girls? It can be great fun.


Having those long Youtube-ing (Video browsing) session with friend around is something else not just killing time. There is large number of videos on YouTube that you will enjoy to the end.

Movie night

When did the last time you watched movie with your friend? Now is the time you can watch a movie you were waiting to watch. Get your hands on the cheesy popcorns and have fun.


You can just open the wardrobe and try putting on mixed up dresses if the owner allow, of course.

Board games

Board games from the childhood, they are still so enjoyable. Play with your friends may be changing some rules for fun?

Go silly

When you are with your friends that is actually your “me-time”, go silly make harmless pranks. You can just make the best lasting memories from such small silly things.

Music On!

Explore new music together with your friends, listen to your favorite kind of music and dance!

Make stories

You must have not tried this one. You can do it now, just start a “self-assumed” story on anything, write the start, pass it the next person and the last one will write the climax. After it is completed read it in group, and Laugh good.

Let that artist come-out of you

Paint together, make color drawings or craft out of the stuff available.

Cook n Bake

Bake a special cake and eat together. I suggest try cooking something delicious.

Online Shopping

Do some online shopping. Not only is it fun, but we will get to know your friends secret shops.

Netflix and TV series marathon

Night over can be super fun when watching your most favorite, your addictive series.

Plan a trip

Since everyone is present, you can now plan a future road trip.

Play video games

Another thrilling and entertaining thing to do with friends is playing classic video games.

Beauty treatment

You can do the nail arts, manicures, skin cleansing and hair dos for eachother.

Scary make up!

Do scary make up and freak out others.



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