Some Tips You Must Know To Keep Your Lenses Safe

Your eyes are very sensitive and delicate part of your body and you must be conscious about to give proper care to your eyes. This is also very exciting for you to wear lenses of different colors especially for girls to make the lenses look nice with make-up and dress.

Also for the people who once lose their eye-sight the contact lenses are great blessings. Contact lenses definitely give them easiness to look without trouble. But to take care of lenses is also an important thing and you cannot take this thing for granted.

You must know all the necessary things in mind and should follow them as you cannot take any risk when it is the matter of your eyes. And to take care of eyes, lenses and the ways to use solution for lenses you must follow these instructions and these will finitely help you to take care of lenses and keep your eyes secure from any kind of infection due to lenses:

•    Before going to wear contact lenses you must wash your hands with soap to make sure that your hands are free or germs now and then dry them with clean towel. If there remain any kind of solution or liquid in your hand then that can leave film on the lenses that will irritate you while you wear them.
•    The cleanliness of lens is necessary and you have to do this with care. Taking one lens at a time you can rub it with the finger of other hand and rinse it with solution. This method is best to make the lenses clean and washed.
•    Your lenses should not be cracked and try to replace that after at least three months. The lens case can be contaminated with pollution of air so make that full of solution that is recommended by your eye care professional.
•    Always wash your lenses with solution before applying them.
•    Do not use old solution but take fresh solution as it is compulsory for the lenses to wash them and to keep them in right solution.
•    Keep the tip of solution close while it is not in use for to make them safe from outside pollution.
•    Do not ever put lenses in mouth to make them wet or lubricated.
•    Be sure after washing lenses that these are from any kind of film and mucus due to the dust in air.
•    After taking off the lenses from solution, rise that and let it dry in open air then to put the lenses again refill your lens cases with solution.
•    At the time of feeling any kind of trouble while wearing lenses put them off and wash with solution but if the trouble or any kind of disinfection continuous then do not wear those lenses and consult to your eye care professional.
•    You must have solution with you all time and use of tap water or even distilled water can make damage to lenses.
•    Do not ever wear contact lenses of other people that can damage your eye sight leaving infections or particles in your eyes of that person.
•    While swimming take your lenses out because water can damage your lenses.
All these tips will help you a lot in taking care of your lenses and your eye sight as well. Before you go to put on lens must consult your eye care professional and ask all things that you must know for keeping your eyes safe wearing lenses with them.

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