Tips with Makeover you Look 5 Years Younger before and After looks:

It will be annoying and an unbearable fact! A ruined haircut, a bad lipstick shade can make you look older than you are. You need to make move your clock back then you need to change your hair cut, your health or diet and makeup.


Concealer collection:

To look younger you need to pop out you cheeks well. It’s hard to emphasizing every fine line. If you really seemed over aged then you need to you use the best concealer that conceals your wrinkles as well as your dark circles bellow and upper eye.

Concealer should be applied in and upward motion. Otherwise it will harm your soft skin.

Concealer you’re using shouldn’t be of dark color of your skin.

Use the same color of concealer of your skin.

Use that kind of a concealer who carries lesser amount of oil. The drier the concealer will, the younger your looks will.

The dry concealer, it won’t move, and it’s better at hiding sun spots.

Apply it over where the shadows and dark circles are extremely prominent. Also at the inner and outer eye corners.



Foundation limitations:

Foundation is being used to get fairness on your face. Many of the over aged ladies uses lighter color of the foundation than their skin. But it’s all the spoil tricks to look younger. You have to carry such tricks to look younger than your age by having a good quality of foundation. Cover up your face by following such tricks.

Too much or extra use of hard foundation will be absorbed by your fine lines which actually looks awkward and it also sap the luminosity from your skin. Only use foundation where you need it

You don’t need to cover every inch’s of your skin

Always go for the sheer liquid for the good and fabulous pigment.


 Eyes makeover:

To reverse droopy looking lids-stand up for the great ways to look younger. Bright and beautiful eyes are the quintessential hallmark of youth.

Lift your eye with the pencil.

Don’t use liquid eye liner. Because pencil liner softness enlarges the eyes more.

Do not skip eye liner. Because it makes your eye more prominent.

Use brown instead of black.

A thick liner makes your upper lid heavy. The best technique.

Move your brown pencil liner into the upper eye lashes into the corners as well. Just to smudge it well.


Having mascara on lower lashes, make your eyes look droopy and draw attention to dark circles. Avoid having mascara on lower lashes of your eye.

Don’t curl your lashes upwards just wiggle a volume mascara into the roots of your eye and just move it slowly to the ends for uplifting effect.

Add a pop to your eyes with bright eye shadow.

Brighten your eye with a white eye liner.

THYPERLINK “”hicker eyebrows make your face look fuller and younger.

Brush blushing:

If you’re in love of having an instant cheek lift, you need to blush up your face at with the following ways;


Make apply your blush at the top of your cheek.

Apply it at the bone of your cheek.

Apply color in a circular motion.

To make less contrast to look younger use warm pinks, apricots, or bronzes.

Locate the apple of your cheeks by smiling and then carefully apply you blush on.


Hair color and hair styling and haircuts:

To look young people make their skin transformed which is pretty painful. But if you want to do something painless then you just need to follow the following steps;

If you’re having long and rough hair then you need to have a haircut and just do it shorter than before.

Color it up.

Make different style.

Clean up the ends of your hair.


Lip pop:

The queen of the face is lips. So you need to change it up. Lips are the most expressive and prominent feature of face. Lips become thinner in the old age. And lessen down its fullness. To make it pouty, that wanes the ageing. Some tips are shown bellow;


Don’t use dark colors.

Avoid matte finish lipsticks.

Don’t add gloss before lipstick.

Apply lipstick of light color.

Afterward apply gloss on your lip as a lip shiner.

You need to avoid color bleeding, and to avoid pigment use your finger or a brush on your lips.



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