Useful Marriage Advice for Newlyweds:

Just married couples are not aware of many of the upcoming problems, they are not aware of what is going next to them, so for the secure and happy life, I am going to present some advices to make you feel happy ever after your marriage.


Love your spouse daily:

Love your spouse daily, and avoid nagging and fights between you, as this will lead to divorce soon. So avoid these kinds of problems and love your spouse daily.

Have an honest conversation daily:

You need to have calm and a honest conversation daily, this will stronger up your relationship well.

Avoid arguments:

You need to avoid arguments whenever a situation of argument is taking place. Just avoid it, or leave that place where you have a doubt of having a bad argument.


Many of the people are not perfect in all aspects, so you need to avoid problems and do compromise with the situation.

Have a good life of sex:

Sex is the main purpose of marriage now a day. So have it, or plan a suitable time for each other, don’t spoil the mood of your spouse, if you are having some problem then have a polite talk on it.


Trust your spouse:

You need to trust your spouse, don’t have a doubt on them, if you are having a doubt, and instead of taking a bad step you need to ask your spouse first about the situation, then settle down the whole situation.

Forgive mistakes:

If your spouse do any kind a mistake and he/she is sorry for that mistake then you have to forgive your spouse instead of letting yourself out of your spouse’s life. So stay calm have a talk and have a promise for the future and forgive your spouse.

Ignore fight in public:

Avoid having a fight in front of your family, friends and any one. Don’t show your fighting skills in front of public.

Have dates:

Don’t stop dating with your spouse; this will make you feel still like a girl friend and a boy friend. These are the happiest moments as a husband wife so enjoy it well.


Financial planner:

If there will be a financial problem then don’t have a dispute or nagging session, then you need to do is to arrange a financial planner, which may help you solving out your financial problem and make you feel better than before.

Plan a holiday:

Plan a holiday after your marriage as like as honeymoon. Arrange it at beach or river side or go for hiking or where you love to be at. Make an arrangements and plan before that where you are going to go. Make sure the decision shouldn’t be one sided.


Have dinner with your spouse every night:

Have dinner with your spouse, try to help each other and yes! Have fun together.


Wakeup and good night kisses:

You need to have a wakeup and goodnight kisses to each other. This will pop out the love between both of you and makes a happy couple forever.


Change yourself for your spouse:

If your spouse hates something about you then you need to have a change in yourself according to your spouse wants.

Don’t talk bad about your spouse:

Don’t talk bad things about your spouse in front of any one specially friends.


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