Uses of Peppermint Oil for your Health


Peppermint oil is derived from peppermint plant and is commonly used in flavoring food and drinks and cosmetics and soaps. It is used for numerous health benefits. You can use the peppermint oil orally as well as tropically. It is not only used for dietary supplements but also used as skin ointment and cream in order to get rid of certain skin problems. In either way you use peppermint oil, it is safe for people from all age groups from children to older adults. It has been used since ancient times and found in several Egyptian pyramids.

It has been recommended by some evidences that peppermint oil helps in relieving symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and indigestion.  Here we are listing down the other uses and benefits of peppermint oil.

Cures headaches

Massage with peppermint oil helps in improving blood circulation and the body and which eventually helps in reducing the pain of head such as sinus pain, migraine, tension pain and others. Peppermint oil is a natural treatment which works in excellent manner. It does not only cure headache but also prevents it.

Cures acne

Peppermint oil has anti-microbial properties which help in treating your skin and preventing and curing acne. One of the best uses of peppermint oil is facial treatment. This is the excellent natural treatment for acne.

Reduces fever

Peppermint oil has cooling effect so it can be used in the treatment of fever. It brings the body temperature down, especially in children.

All you need to do is mixing of peppermint oil with coconut oil and massage the neck and bottom of the feet of children. It will help in stabilizing the fever without medication.

Energizes the body

Peppermint oil is best alternative of energy drinks. Just take a few whiffs of peppermint oil. It will energize your body anytime when you need to burn the midnight oil.

Relieves muscle pain

Peppermint oil is a natural muscle relaxant and pain reliever which helps in soothing your sore muscles and aching body parts. It cures the symptoms of fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain.

Improves immunity

Peppermint oil has powerful antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effects. This is the reason it has been used for the treatment of different disorders. It can increases the immunity against various diseases and is very healthful for people with weak immune system. Peppermint oil resists the effects of various dangerous bacteria such as E. coli, salmonella, and staph.

Fights hunger

Peppermint oil also helps in losing weight by decreasing your hunger. Smelling its fragrance makes you feel fuller for longer hours and curb your appetite.

Cures toothache

Peppermint oil has anti-inflammatory effects and so is helpful in giving you relief from toothache. Gargling with peppermint oil works wonder for your teeth and gums and keep them from cavities and other oral ailments.

Treats constipation

If you have indigestion or constipation problem, you will find peppermint oil the best remedy to get rid of it. Massaging the oil on your lower abdomen helps in relieving the pain and getting the things move again.

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