Various Quick and Easy Ways to Clean Marble & Granites:

Marbles and granites on floors are getting very much familiar now a day. They are used to make your beautiful home more beautiful. Marble many of the times got stain on them, they are actually need to be clear up, because later on it is tough to make the stain invisible both from granite and marble. Countertops should be faultless. Otherwise it looks horrible, and you should be ashamed whenever your guests have an eye on your marble and countertops. You need to follow some tips to make your marble and granite fresh up and cleaned well.


Don’t use vinegar on marble and granite:

Don’t ever use vinegar on your marble or granite, because such product leaves whitening color on the floor. This is bit tough to get rid of such kind of the stains. Better you need to use is, use lemon on it. This will makes your marble more shine up.

Dry your marble with dry cloth:

If you got any kind of a liquid on your marble and granite, wipe it off with the help of a dry piece of a cloth. This will remove the stain of any liquid very smoothly. But after wards wiping up the liquid with dry piece of cloth, you need to spray the place with the simple warm water then wipe it again with the help of smother dry piece of cloth. The warm water makes you help to shine up your marble.

Use lemon:

Use lemon with salt. Use it just a slightly if you got hours to remove the stain, and if that stain got hard on that area then you have to use lemon with salt. Just cut the lemon off, have salt, dip the lemon slice in to the salt and rub it over. That the fixed stain got smooth then rub it off with the help of warm water.

Hydrogen peroxide:

Add hydrogen peroxide if the stain is hard to remove. Apply it on the floor where the stain takes place. Mix it up with soft hand, and check it after every 10 minutes. After seeing that the stain is dissolved in to the hydrogen then wipes it off with help of a damp sponge.

Soft fabric:

Use soft fabric piece to remove the stain from the marble and also from the granite. You should use it on the scratched part of the marble. Make sure of using it with the help of warm water which should be mixed up with the dish soap, after wiping the scratches with soft fabric piece, wipe it off with the warm water and dry it up with the help of dry piece of cloth.

Baking soda and water:

Using baking soda and water is also a useful and good one technique. Have 1 cup of baking soda and add 5 table spoons of liquid dish soap, mix it up, apply it on, wrap it with the plastic sheet, and wait for about 20 hours afterwards you can remove it off and wipe it the help of warm water then dry it up with dry damp sponge. Make sure that your marble and granite don’t have drop of water on it. This will make your water spots more visible.

Corn scratch:

Add some corn scratch if it’s hard to remove the stain. It is used to remove the hard stains on the floor. After applying corn scratcher wash out that place with warm water.

Alcohol and detergent:

If the stain is bit hard to remove, then wash it up with the help of the alcohol a detergent. Add detergent first then also add alcohol if detergent didn’t work well.


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