Ways and Ideas of Dealing Nicely with Difficult and Irritating People


World is the combination of not only people but also of hearts and minds. God has created His superior creature with different behaviors and moods. Some people are quite soft and docile in nature while others may be prickly and complex personalities. This is not something odd, as this is the beauty of this world because variations keep us safe from boredom.

Undoubtedly no extra efforts and ways are needed to tackle with nice people but we may find difficulty while dealing with people who are irritating in nature.

You may come across to such people in various times, on various places such as on some public place or at your workplace etc.

Here are some ways which may lead you to better understanding of behaviors you should adopt while dealing with such kind of people.

Keep yourself Calm

When you feel angry take a deep breath and count slowly to ten. Meanwhile you may figure out the situation in a better way. Make yourself calm and tell yourself that you are not supposed to say the things which later on might lead you to the regret. After you calm down, communicate with the person in a good manner in order to sort the thing out.

Establish a bond

Build a bond with the person so that you may change the subject and become agree on something which is totally different. Sometimes negative bonding may work but you should be careful and never make it a habit to create negative bonding.

Reduce your expectations

Higher expectation from the people which are not able to fulfill them may cause disappointment. Therefore, lowering and minimizing the expectations may also prove as a fruitful remedy.

Be tolerant

We meet and come across with different personalities and approaches so flexibility in behavior and tolerance is very important in life. Observe others closely and notice and compare your approach with theirs and then find a middle way.

Examine your own behavior

While noticing and tackling with other’s behavior we often forget to take a view of ourselves. You should examine your own behavior first and then proceed.

Try to think like them

Imagine yourself in the shoes of other for a moment and then try to understand what they want. Think if you are in their situation, how would you react. This tip will take you to see their point of view and cause better understanding of the person and the situation.

Be proactive rather than being reactive

Before reacting, come up with multiple ways of viewing the situation. Try to perceive other person’s expressions. If we widen our perspective on the situation we can minimize the possibility of misunderstanding.

Be diplomatic if necessary

In some cases when the other person is simply the not worth tussling with, don’t waste your time by trying to change or convince him. Be diplomatic to the person when you need to interact with him. Keep a healthy distance the rest of the time.

Put the spotlight on them

Some people keep the attention on you to make you feel uncomfortable. They point out very quickly when they find that something is not right with you. In this way the focus remains on the issues rather than solving them. Such people intend to dominate. Change the ways and conversely put the spotlight on them.

Use useful humor

Humor is a powerful communication tool which minimizes the aggression and breaks the ice. Be humorous towards the person who is difficult and irritating.

Handle aggression assertively

If the person is being very much aggressive then just tell them you are going to walk away and will return when they get control over their aggression.

Less Interaction

Limit your time with the person. If it is compulsory to interact, excuse yourself from the conversation. Stay positive and keep yourself calm. Let the person try to interact with you.



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