Ways and Ideas to Clean your Room in Few Minutes

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There are times when we are lazy enough to sit in an untidy room or we had other important things to do that we couldn’t make it, but what If the guest are on reaching in 5minutes and you can’t give the bad impression. You have to tidy up things as fast as possible; well for this you don’t need magic or some supernatural powers. You just need to stand up and start doing it.

Here are some steps to follow:

Take a deep look

To make your room uncluttered and clean as a pin, take a look around and see what things you need to clean and which side is clean, what things are spreading on the floor and need to be picked etc. look at your room as if you are watching it for the first time, see will catch the attention of someone who will enter in the room.

Turn up the music, turn of the TV

Turn some kind of fast music like rock, jazz. Fast music will help you focusing on what you are doing; turn off distractions like TV and laptop.



Start with making bed

Bed is the largest item in the room, and most prominent too. If your bed is looking clean it looks makes the whole room look less messy. Pick up everything from the bed and make your bed; if the sheets and cover are not clean you must change it. Flip the blankets as well.

Collect all the clothes

There must be some clothes lying here and there in the room, pick and separate clean and washable clothes, place cleans ones in the wardrobe without folding, you can fold them later and put dirty one in the laundry basket.

Shoe piles

Pick up all the shoes and put them on the shoe stand or wherever they should be placed.

Pick other accessories and stuff

Don’t let anything unnecessary on floor, back of chair, daybed, or study table, all the dirty plates and mug or glass you used. These things give a very bad impression, and make you look like careless person. Try to place everything on place to make your room look well ordered and shipshape.

Arrange things

Arrange all the books and stationary on the study table; place your backpack in its place. Make all the stuff toys steady.

Remove dust if necessary

Take to dusters in both hands at a time, one wet and other dry, remove dust with dry duster, use wet duster on removable stains. Do it fast and don’t go in too much details as you don’t have too much time for it.

Mob or vacuum it

After doing all this now you can finally clean the floor, If your room is carpeted you will have to vacuum it, again don’t go in too much details just clean the floor where nothing is placed and can been by anyone. Use mod for cleaning the floor if there is no carpet.

Let the fresh air come

Open the windows or turn on exhaust-fan to change the air in the room, the fresh air will change the atmosphere of the room for a good change.

Use room freshener

Use a nice room freshener for better impression and making the odor fade.


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