Ways to Improve your Appearance

The rules to make a WHOLE appearance are simple, but depends how much you can follow. A person who appears good gets benefits, benefit of “being preferred”. So why not look good. It is said that “appearance is deceiving thing, what a person appear to be he might is the opposite.” That is true. BUT appearing good is important, you can’t look weary, hollow-eyed or raggedy when you are supposed to make an impression, moreover to feel confident and upright one must look good. This is another way to be happy.


The must dos to appear good are the following.

Your posture

Your good looks, the dolled up face, groomed body and the dress up can all get wasted if you are sitting or standing in a wrong posture. A University of Pennsylvania study reveals that, “Slight changes in posture can completely alter your perceived emotion,” and also indicates that feeling like cheerfulness and rage are heavily conveyed through posture without ever saying a word. The fact is, defined posture also makes you look taller, thinner, and healthier and more confident. So work on your posture first.

Your hair

One of the most prominent things in your appearance is your Hair. You can make a Great change in your appearance by changing your hair color and hair style. But it depends the change is good or bad on your hair color pick and the style. There are different colors that suit different complexions and body tone, and not all the hair styles suits all the face cuts. Choose what suits you the most to get advantage of pretty looking hair.


Your skin

Rough, dry, oily, acne affected skin, wrinkles; dark circles around your eyes can’t help you appear beautiful. So if you have any skin related issues PAY ATTENTION. For almost all kind of skin problems the suggestion is to drink more of water especially in the morning (without eating anything) and get good night’s sleep. In addition, you must also take care if you have a nice skin, keep it moist and dirt free to avoid any skin issue.

Your nails

You hand and feet are also very important. Keep your nails and cuticles clean and trim and give a decent shape to your nails every 15 days or less. Take extra care of your hands and feet, as they easily get wrinkles and the skin is also sensitive.

The dress up

Dress up properly not just occasionally but daily. You should wear what suits you, be stylish not just fashionable. Carry your dress with style even if it is not the latest trend. Your clothes can make you look more fat, more slim, shorter or taller so wear what is best for you.

Good Hygiene

Take a shower every day, use quality shower gel or body wash, shampoo and conditioner. Keep your teeth clean and strong by cleaning them at least twice a day plus don’t forget to floss and using mouth wash, brushing alone is not enough.


You appear good when you have enough sleep. And not sleeping enough can make you look no less than a ZOMBIE.

Wait! Your smile

Always wear your smile. It makes you look affectionate, approachable, confident and friendly.


Reminder: You are beautiful! J

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