Ways to Keep Your Room Clean

Room is such a place where you spend your most of time when you are at home because  it is so  calm  and comfort place for you .the room if you  want to show your responsibility then it will  remain clean and tidy and people will praise you.  The things which you the on time after using keep it on its place. The room of the boys mostly dirty and disorder because they don’t keep the things on its place. There are three types of cleaning weekly, monthly and the daily with the routine work you have no need to do weekly cleaning  because if your room is neat and clean then  there is no so much dirt and mud .

in this busy life we spend  our mostly time outside  so when we come back at home our room should be neat  otherwise we feel bad and the restlessness .the room cleaning is not so difficult in the 15 to 20 minute your room look  nice and clean because if you do it with interest then it is no  lengthy and  boring work when you do work  and sit in that room you feel  different .in the time passing and fun you can make your  room  nice so here I have some tips  which can  make your room clean and  tidy.

Place on the clothes:


The dresses which are dirty keep it in the laundry and the  dresses which you have  put on the bed sofas chairs etc keep it in the cabinet  and the dresses should be kept in the  good condition  the dresses which is out season keep it the  upper cabinet  and the useable dresses keep in the bottom boxes  the dresses which are rough put out outside and on the weekend you can press the  full week dresses and hang in the cabinets.

Put the books and other things:


In your room mostly books are lying on the different corners of the furniture that look so bad so keep all the books on the books shelf and  you can make a specific rack  for books and the shoes  the storey book and the other books  keep in different sides  because books are the companion of you when you are alone  and the  shoes which you put off  under the  beds and the behind the almirahas so put the shoes and keep in the shoe  stand which you can keep with the dressing side  and the book shelf and rack  can keep near the study table.

Change the covers:


In the weekend you  should change all the covers of your room bed sheets , sofa covers and the   curtains and wash it  cover should be  used according to the  season  because dark and coarse stuff use in the winter . Between the curtains and the bed sheet  should be a good harmony  because in the winter mostly blanket and the quilt is  lying on the bed  first  cover it and then use because it can be dirty  with the  mud and dust.

Swipe the floor:


When you  have kept  all the things  at its own place  and change the covers then  clean the floor with mop because the dust which is during the cover changing is on the floor so  mop on the floor if your  floor is made of wood then only brush is  good choice  and on the tiles you can  use the phenyl  wipe that is good for the shining and germs  and again keep the carpet and mat on its place and if the trash is  lying near the dustbin keep it in the dustbin and put it behind the door or such places where the trash is not seen.

 Dusting and final view:


In the last when you are completely free then do the dusting means clean the furniture and the places where dust is lying  take a wet cloth and clean the all things and now  your room is neat and clean  you can invite your friends and  cousins for the party and  collect the praises on your room cleaning if  the carpet and  mats are fixed  then you have no need to put out you can use the vacuum cleaner  because the dust is in your carpet .

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