Ways to Be a Great Mother


The warmest relationship on earth and heavens is motherhood; a mother is someone who can love his child like none else can do. Mothers are made great by God, but new generation is hard t deal with, there are several things that need to be taken care of by the parents and especially mothers. There are few things a mother should consider:

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Being a mother requires a lot of patience, she needs to be patient in every time when others can’t even stand the situation. They more you’re patient the easier everything becomes for both you and your child. Keeping patience make you great teacher and an example for your child.

Know difference between needs and wants

as a mother you should know what your child wants, but more important is you should know what the needs of your child are. For a little one it’s just feeding, cleaning. Holding and sleeping but elder one’s may ask for things they don’t need at the time so it is not like you have to provide whatever he or she wants that will make them more demanding, but you need to take care what are the Needs of your child or children. You have to be aware when and what to give to them.

Understand your child

for a mother it is the most important thing to understand her child, if she doesn’t understand him/her it will be really difficult to fulfill their needs and requirements. Every child has his own self, their habits, wants, likes and dislikes vary. A mother should watch carefully to learn about everything about her child and act accordingly; of course being a great mother isn’t that easy.


Appear to be approachable

try your best to be kindest and most understanding person for your child for them to share their problems, seeking homework tips, asking for advices about their friendships and social relations. Listen to them carefully and give your purest advices.


Be available

You should always be there to listen to them, always be available for your child, nothing should be more important than your child, in this way you can be a friendly mother for them and they won’t feel burdened and alone.

Support them

being a mother it is your responsibility to know what your child want to do and what are his/her skills and interests, support them in every positive activity they are keen to do. You Being supportive give them strength and confidence to achieve whatever they want to. It is a fact that child who are being encourage can gain what so ever the task is.


Teach them

the lap of the mother is the first institute of education for a child, a child starts learning form the lap of mother, she is his teacher and guardian angel, mother teach her child to drink, eat, speak, and how to live. Teach your child best values, courtesy and simplicity. A child is like a blank paper you can write whatever you want to and your child will be what you make him/her.


Show them you trust them

Parents must trust their children, it leave your children with a great feeling and they child who know that his/her parents trusts his/her they never do anything they are not supposed to do. It is the best advantage of trusting your children. On the other hand parents who nag a lot and don’t show that they trust their child give them indirect signal that they expect anything bad from them.

Show your love and affection


Every mother love her child more than anything else on the surface of earth yet it is important to show it, let your child know that how important she/he is to you, give warm hugs and kisses to them.

Don’t dissolve yourself

Patient mother and naughty son

being a great mom may become exhausting at times, don’t dissolve yourself so much that you become dependent, you are a human being as well so try not to run of your energy and take care about yourself as well, take some time for yourself and spend it in things you like to do, things that make you happy.

be an example of compassion and sincerity


A mother should be an example for her child, show them how to help others with sincerity and compassion, set examples for your child by feeding hungry, helping others in need, show them good manners and kindness towards people and animals, make them understand the value of success and failure as well. Tell them about all the black and whites of world.

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