What to do When You are Emotionally Hurt

It is very well said that, “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”

No one can avoid what is meant to happen in life, knowing it doesn’t make it anything easy but this is the truth. The pain can be associated to unbearable loss, a rejection, disappointment or a trauma. Whatever the reason is, this is important that you cope with your sorrowful emotions. You can give yourself a chance to be happy again by taking control of your feelings and emotions, As Gandhi says, “None can hurt me without my permission.”


Here are some actions you can take to overcome the hard feelings and forget the past that hurts.

Start counting the Blessings

The moment we get into some kind of trouble that causes pain and hurt us we start blame game, we curse people, we start to think of ourselves as the most misfortunate people, and it’s something that leads to depression. Do the opposite, when you are hurt by something unfortunate you should see the other good things that you are taking for granted. Count the blessing you own without even asking, not everyone posses the things you do. Be thankful.


Share it with someone who really care

The pain or sadness reduces when shared with someone who understand you and really care for you though there may be very few people who do so. Crying once is better than feeling ache in the chest for long time, so cry out once and let go of what is making you too wretched and inconsolable. If you find no one like that around you, try writing what you are feeling, what are the causes and reason you are feeling this way. It really helps in giving instant relief from the grief.
Remember that you should never repeat your sad stories.


Good news! Nothing lasts forever.

This must be released that there is no use to cry over what has happened, as it can’t be changed, staying in the “PRESENT” is the most important things now. And how you want to be also depends upon you. It is better for you to take control of your life as soon as possible. If you are not able stop thinking over it, consider the thought that nothing lasts forever, whether it is pain or its happiness, the bad time and the good time both will be over some day.



Forgiving helps in healing. As soon as you forgive you start to feel less burdened and relieved. Not forgiving means that you are holding on to past and this will only hurt you more.


Get some positive vibes

Get surrounded by people who know the value of positivity and happiness, which can make you less miserable. Staying alone will make you think about the past and it will eventually make you gloomy and despairing.


Find some interesting hobby

There must be something you love to do, that can make you happy. Get engaged to hobby that will keep you busy and give you peace. You can get a pet and take care of it, you can paint, draw or may be go for a trip somewhere.


Learn from it

Everything happens for a reason, when something unfortunate happens we if face it firmly get to know our strengths. The events make us learn more about us, think of it as a lesson life made you learn.

Volunteering is healing!

Helping the people who needs your aid and services helps you feeling happy, it enlighten your heart and fix it. Volunteering can be very rewarding for someone who is suffering from hardship and depression.


Do relaxing exercises

Your body suffers with your mind. When feeling down it leaves bad effect on your health as well. So do some exercises or yoga for relieving stress to be relieved.


Don’t starve yourself

People abandon meals and eat carelessly when sad; it is harmful for the body. Don’t punish your body for what unluckily happened to you.


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