5 Ways To Teach Your Kids Resilience

Some people think that kids can be difficult to control in teenage to adulthood session. This concept is not so accurate as every age demands for different type of care, responsibilities and attention specially if we are talking about kids. In middle age, kids would have to face some situation which might seem difficult to them at that time. In this way, parents have to teach their kids resilience to make them mature and problem solving adult.

Basically kids who are perfectly taught resilience by their parents are problem solvers. They are independent thinkers and figure out some sort of situation that can solve problems. In this post we will tell you about 5 ways in which you can teach your kid resilience.

Don’t fulfill every need:

You might be thinking that what this writer means with words that don’t fulfill every need. It means that don’t let your child spoil his/her life by accommodating him/her with everything they want. They have to gain self control from middle age and have to figure out situation for their problems at their own.

Avoid eliminating all risks from situations:

If you already eliminate all risks for your kid and solve problems for them, you kid will fully dependent on you till his/her life. He/she could don’t get enough confident to solve problem at his/her own.

Teach them to solve their problem:

Let your child solve problem at their own. If he/she is afraid of going far away to home, let him/her to go to sleepovers and camping with friends in order to make him/her feel confident about him/her.

Avoid why question:

Try to avoid why question because there is no such answer of why. If your kid just busted glass accidently and you ask why then what will your kid say? Because I was careless? Try to ask “how” instead of “why”.

Let your kids make mistakes:

Allow your kids to make mistakes. Don’t provide perfect clean canvas to your kids all the time. in this way they can lose their creativity and self confidence in every difficult situations. Kids will learn from their own mistakes.


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