Best Ideas for Teachers How to Teach Kids


a teacher have the most important role for teaching kids after a mother, the good teachers know how teach, they follow methods that helps in building creativity, mind and body strength of their students. Although it is tricky to teach kids but yet it is interesting. Here are some best ideas for teaching kids.

Class management


before anything, the most important thing is classroom management, it is really important how the class in managed, the teacher must have command over the class; Class room management includes the sitting arrangement, discipline in the class-room. Being a teacher it is your responsibility to take control over the class, you should be the one students listen to and follow. No need to be a strict rude lady for creating discipline. Be kind and a little stiff when it comes to discipline. Make seating arrangements according to the need of student.

Review of last lesson


before starting the new lesson; take a short review of what you have already taught. Just to know to what extent they understood and learnt prior lessons. Ask simple questions from previous lesson and let the students answer. This is really crucial for a teacher to know if the students are even learning or not, for planning future lessons.

Don’t burden them with a lot of new things


It is one of basic duties of teachers to teach his students new knowledge. But giving a big dosage of new things they haven’t heard of before will not be helpful but a waste of time and energy. Make your students learn things gradually in steps. Divide the lesson in parts and deliver it then.

Ask questions and discuss the answers


When you’re teaching never ever adopt “Speech method”, it is classical method of teaching and have its drawbacks. It is proved from so many studies that student learn more when teachers involve them in class. Telling something and asking what they think about it and asking interest building questions increases their knowledge and confidence to speak up and give their point of view. It also helps the teacher knowing his/her students mind level individually.

Show them (models and examples)


Students learn significantly more when they watch and listen, what they have been reading in text books, using Audio visual aids is no more a choice but something necessary. It is the need of time to teach children affectively. It immensely improves their learning abilities and makes the process of learning fast.

Prefer rewarding over punishments


the longing for reward is far greater than the terror of punishment it is proven that students work hard when a reward is promised and didn’t work well when a punishment is expected.
This is psychological phenomenon that attraction for reward is something that pushes people to work with more diligence. So a good teacher should prefer rewarding method over punishment.

Take the feedback of lesson


A teacher not getting feedback will never be able to know the mental ability and learning of his/hers students. This is big flaw in teaching process. A teacher must know either the students learning what is being taught or not. Blindly teaching has no effect and use. Only when he knows what student has learnt and what not, he will be able to make further teaching plans and strategies.

Fun activities

class-room activities are of a great importance, while doing such activities students learn a lot of new things, they discover their likings and disliking while playing games. There are a lot of activities that can be done in class like warm up activities, passing ball, scramble, words game etc.

No home tasks


teach students in a way that they keep it in their mind, giving them a lot of home work will only burden them and make it annoying for them. Let them think more, give them something to think over, leave a interesting question in their minds. It will help in stimulating their thinking abilities.

A good teacher knows their students problems and always help them in every aspect to make them grow and shine

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