When should Brothers and Sisters have Separate Bedrooms?

There are not any specific rules in this regard, the kids may want to share the room since they grow up or they would never like the idea of shared room. It depends on the nature of kids and their wants and needs too. Their needs and wants changes with time, in childhood they may like to live with their siblings, but as they grow up they may want to have “some privacy” or they may just don’t want to share their room. What your kids WANT and what is APPROPRIATE thing to do are two different stories.


This article might help in increasing your knowledge in this regard.

There are 4 basic concerns that can become reason to separate their rooms’ i.e.

  1. Kid’s safety
  2. Kid’s sleep pattern
  • Their health and
  1. Sexual issues

Kid’s safety

The security issue is that the older child may coincidentally hurt the younger child. He may attempt to lift her up when she is crying and drop her (Boys are usually violent and aggressive). You should manage this now. Ensure your child realizes that he is not to pick up the younger sibling. Additionally let him not to put the pets in the crib. Do instruct him to call you if his child sister is disturbed. He might not listen to you in that case some changes are necessary.

Sleep pattern or cycle

Sleeping cycles of siblings can be different; we all know the important of sleep so there should be no compromise on it. Sleep can be interrupted if the two siblings meddle with each other’s sleep time and they wake each other up. Maybe this won’t be an issue. But if it is, you might to manage it by separating their bedrooms. If cannot do so, you should instruct your kids that they must be calm when their sibling or sister is resting.

Health issues

Children sleeping in the same room might increase the chances that they will catch each other’s infections. There is not a lot that you can do about infections spread by coughing. However, if anyone in the family is sick, everyone can try and wash their hands more often as this is a way of reducing spread of infections.

Sexual issues

The last concern includes sexual issues. There is no set age when distinctive sex siblings ought not to sleep in the same room. You ought to pass by what you and your spouse. Various Families will settle on various choices.

I accept the vast majority would select to have separate rooms for male and female kids well before they achieve puberty, maybe by six or seven years old.

There is no proof that I know of that a kid who is sharing a room with a sister who is around two years older, will bring about any issues. On the off chance that you have any worry that he may be sexually aggressive to his younger sister, then separate them right away. In the same way, if you discover your son or girl is troubled in light of the fact that their other-sex siblings is in the same room, change their room.

Other than all these possible troubles, there are several reasons to let them share a room until they are old enough to share a room let them share it. They will learn from each other, they will have company and their bond will be increased.




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