Confidence Building Activities for Kids

Confidence is the base of your child’s prosperousness and key to success as an adult. At all ages you act as you feel about yourself, building confidence in a child is crucial as it makes easy to get along with people and situations of every kind. Self confidence is factor that is helpful for achieving success in school and Life, however it shouldn’t be unreal. Make your child realistic


Here is some confidence building activities.


Precisely, Success builds confidence, though having confidence is important for being successful still when a child get success on something he do, it make him more confident about that work, it can be studies, games or any skill. Give your child a task.
To make your child SOAR, make sure that you child have the Skill of a particular activity, because it will be waste if he doesn’t have the skill of that particular thing. If he has the ability give him Opportunity and make him avail that opportunity, boost him up, And when he accomplish the task Reward him and the reward is acknowledgement and praise for the hard work.


Praise his efforts not results


it is very important that you praise your child’s efforts and hard work he did to achieve something, but not the results. A child feels more relieved when you acknowledge his diligence and efforts he put in whatever he do. He won’t be feeling fear in failing and trying new things confidently, make him understand the reality that failure is a teacher, having fear of failure often
make children despair.

Make him try, try again


We have learned this “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” You often try to shield your children from failure that’s natural but that may make him lack the ability to overcome failure in future, although we never have this intention. You need your child to taste the failure to know how to overcome it and move on.

Know your child


knowing your child and seeing things from where his point of view helps you to know how you can build his character and confidence. Try to explore him, talk more about his day in school and what he learned, how he feel about particular thing, knowing all kind of things about your child will help you a lot in deciding what you need to do to make him more confident and resolving his problems.

“Pass on the best, and discard the rest.”

This means that, go back in your childhood memory and bring how your parents brought you up, what they did to make you or break you. Learning from your past and applying it on your child can help you.
Make it clear in your head what should be your dos and don’ts. Accumulate all the good things your parents did to you and pass them on to your child and discard all the things you didn’t wanted as child. If you feel difficulty to do this activity, get help from a specialist.


Be Realistic

Never be fake, don’t pretend as if you’re always happy just to make your child feel happy, your children can see through fake smiles. Your child should be aware of the fact that parents have down days too. Show sensitivity toward him and make your child a little sensitive so one day he may be the one to lift your self confidence. Moreover you cannot let your child live in fairytale.

Play together


Playing with a child helps you a lot in knowing him and it gives your child the message that he is important and worth your time. Children learn while playing and when you play together you get the opportunity to make him more confident. Let your child initiate the play, more learning is possible when child starts a game and it gives If a sense of responsibility when he is the starting a game.


Call him by name

When you address your child by his name while making an eye contact it gives the hint that he is special for you, it helps in correcting specific behavior at times when you take his name along with message you have and behavior you are expecting from him.


Give him responsibilities

Children need to do some responsible jobs in order to develop self confidence. Give them doable chores like putting things in order in the bedroom or living area. This works in two ways, make them feel more valuable and worthy and make them responsible.

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