How to Control Your Anger With Kids


Kids are sensitive in nature and anger like adverse feelings can influence their own behaviors, they might become aggressive, angry, easily irritate able, rebel, ill-mannered, stubborn and inconvincible sometimes. Keeping in mind all these effects in mind you should treat kids with affection and mindfully. It is understood why you become angry as kids pushes you to be angry but you still need a lot of patience to deal with kids.

Think about the Consequences

“When children are little, you’re their universe, when you get angry, their world is shaken. By the time they get older, they have friends and other people in their lives to turn to, and that minimizes the impact.

“Robert Puff

Your children learn from you, if you are going to be angry they are going to be angry as well and if you treat them with attention they will become compassionate and caring.
Matthew McKay says, “Studies have shown that parents who express a lot of anger in front of their kids end up with less empathetic children. These kids are more aggressive and more depressed than peers from calmer families, and they perform worse in school. Anger has a way of undermining a kid’s ability to adapt to the world,”

Think about your own health

Studies shows that, anger can cause many health problems like insomnia, headache, anxiety, depression, abdominal problems, digestion problem, eczema, heart attack and stroke. It is also told that the average life of angry people is less than the average life of normal people. To be healthy and live a long life you must try to control anger and out bursts.


Control the triggers

Find out the causes that make you angry and force to shout or hit your kids. Then you can take measures to control the reasons that turn you into a angry bird. It is possibly because the kids don’t listen to you or anything like that. Check the reasons and try to find out a way make a positive change.

Do stress relieving activities

As a parent you need to do some healthy stress relieving and refreshing activities quite regularly. As the kids build up stress in your mind that make you scream at them more often. You can join a yoga class, or do yoga or exercise at home. You can also do gardening, painting, like activities that help reduce the stress and unwind you.

Be patient

Patience is required when you become a parent. Learn how to be patient and not to show how angry you are and deal the situation with calmness and patience. It will make you help you and your kids to be closer and your kids will better understand what wrong they are doing.

Take your time to react

When you are dealing with your kids you should be more considerate and to not burst out the anger you should take some time to react. When you see something wrong going on Stop you kids.

Express Love more often

Loving your child isn’t enough, unless you express your love for them, they wouldn’t understand your love if you don’t tell them verbally since they are still kids.

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