How to Deal with the Lack of Self Confidence in Students?


Self-confidence is the degree of faith you have in yourself and your abilities. Your level of confidence has the direct relation with how you think, act and feel about others and how successful you are in your life. Such people have real expectations and even if their expectations are not met, they still continue to stay positive and work hard.

The students who lack self-confidence they lag behind in their life. They are not able to perform their academic tasks as they don’t apply their best effort on anything. Such students should be motivated by their teachers in class so that they me become like the others and take part in competition.

Here are a few tips that you must follow to deal with the students who lack self-confidence:

Acknowledge accomplishments

Such students should be motivated by praising and acknowledging their accomplishments both in front of other students and in private. Even if you find that they need to work little hard, start with a positive statement and by appreciating on his work and then you can talk about the other things. It would help in encouraging the student with low self-confidence.

Don’t interrupt

When the student is saying something, don’t make correction while they are talking. Interrupting them will harm their confidence. Let them speak and at the end you may correct them.

Set goals

For students, who lack self-confidence, set some attainable goals at the beginning of the year. Ask them to make strategies to achieve those goals, also offer your assistance. This is a great way to see how much they have grown.

Gove them the opportunity

Never impose anything on the children and set them free to choose what they want to learn. It will aid them in building their worth confidently prepare a choice board or learning menu for the children and ask them to choose what they want to learn.

Be positive towards them

Pay proper attention to each student and a little bit more to those with low self-confidence. It will give them a sense that you are there to support them and you are paying your attention to them because they deserve it. Express positive attitude towards them.

Encourage them to do better

Even if they are already doing well, still encourage them to do better. If they get B on their test, motivate them to get A next time. Ask them not to compete against others but themselves.

Motivate them by showing evidence of progress

Appreciate the student by not just explaining their improvement but also by pointing core signs of their growth as evidence such as by showing their handwriting at the beginning of the year and by making a comparison of it with current handwriting. Or by demonstrating some mathematical problem which they were always unable to solve but now can do properly and so on.

Engage them in talk about their interest

Focus not only on curricular activities but also talk about other things which the student may find interesting. Ask them to tell their interests, aim etc. Find a few minutes every day to talk with them about their favorite hobbies, sports, television programs, or musical groups

Assign responsibilities to make them feel important

Give them class responsibilities and make them feel that they are responsible that’s why you are assigning that work to them. It will help in boosting the confidence level of a student.


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