How to Develop a Healthy Relationship Between Siblings with Age Gap

it is heartwarming to see the love and positive bonding amongst the siblings, when a parent verdicts one child doing something just to make his sister or brother feel happy or to protects him/her, it just give a great sense of satisfaction and peace of mind. This is what parents want more than anything else when it comes to siblings with the age difference. But unluckily, the children are not always that way, although, it is normal that they fight and feel envious of each other yet it is painful and parents never want them to be unfriendly and have positive relationship.


While you as parent want to make a positive relationship among their children, most of the times you don’t understand exactly how to do it. You think of letting them be, and let them resolve things themselves and make up, or you do talk to them for doing activities together regardless of the age difference or make them live in the same room. To end these thoughts, I am summing up some useful strategies to develop a decent, healthy relationship among the children with “age gap”.

Be an example

For your children to learn, you have to show them, as parents you must practice what you preach. Children learn from observation and this learning starts from the early age. If you are showcasing shouting, fighting, disrespect like actions they sure will learn the same and on the other hand if you are respectful, quiet and shows good manners they will adopt these manners as well. For making things work out between the children who have age gap you, especially need to be careful in your actions.

Make them friends

The age difference between the kids can create issues like jealousy, sense of having an upper hand or authority by the elder one, they usually stays in their separate zones, can become cold to each other and they don’t like to share the rooms. Well these situations can lead them to become enemies anyways, as parents you cannot let that happen and have to minimize the differences and distance between them, you can do activities that involve both of them at the same time, make them do some chores together and have meals together.

Limited authority

Usually the elder children have authority over the younger one. This is fine and fair enough that the elder sibling should watch after the younger sibling but there must be defined limit to his/her authority and control otherwise this can make younger child contemptuous and he will start to resent the elder sibling.

More time together

Spending quality time together can bring them close and make a positive relationship among the children. So make it possible that they spend more time together and supervise their activities and behavior.

Respect and love

Show them how to respect each other and how important is to love each other, it is basically a natural thing they must love each other, but it is significant that the love is being shown and showered. Another important thing you need to make them learn is respecting each other’s privacy, if they learn that it can stop a lot of troubles.


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