Developing Book Reading in Children


“The more you read, the more things you know,

The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss

If reading is a habit you want your child to get into, there are a number of ways to develop it. First of all make your child realize that reading books is highly enjoyable and musing, if they have a good book. An unspeakable, lousy book cannot enchant you but it will have a contrary effect. Help your child in reading books by looking for best stuff for them to go through.

How to develop book reading habit in your children?

There are a few more tips that may help in cultivating a book reading habit in your children which lasts for good:

Be an example

Children go behind actions not words so you should be an example so that your child may follow you and be like you want them to be. Do reading and do it every day. When your child will see you reading, they will definitely be more likely to do the same. You can read the books of your interest such as recipes, magazines, newspapers, books, telephone directories, and other reading materials. It will let your child know the importance of reading.

Let your child observe you reading

Let your child see you when you read books. They learn from what they observe. Your excitement about reading will develop keenness about reading in your child and they will try to catch your excitement.

Let your child feel that you are enjoying reading

Be a model. Read books in front of your children and make them feel you are enjoying it. Soon it will make your child a lover of book reading.

Make it easy for your child to access books

To motivate your child for reading it is important to allow them to have an easy access to the books at your home. It will help in increasing the approach of child to the books and printing material. Make them know that learning can be done anywhere, not only at school. It has been proposed through studies that students who read outside of school are more successful.

Develop a reading space

Having a big reading space doesn’t mean that you have to have a lot of bookshelves filled with books, rather a corner of your child’s room with worth reading stuff can be sufficient. Having a comfortable space with good lights can help your children in having a good time with books.

Visit the library with your child

It is something which is very important when it comes to make your child habitual of book reading. Visit your public library more often, with your child. Make sure to get your children their own library cards, and ask a librarian for help if you don’t know how to sign up for one.

Let your child select

When you have a trip of library with your child, let them choose the books according to their interest. Always keep books readily available for your child at home, in the car and wherever you go with your child.

Don’t allow other habits until they have done reading

Do not allow your kids to watch television or play computer games until they have done their daily reading. It will create a habit of reading daily.

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