How to Encourage Creativity In a Child

“A creative adult is a child who survived.”

It is assumed that “Creativity” is an inborn quality that a child may possess or may not. Same as all children are not evenly intelligent; all children are not evenly creative. Nevertheless, creativity is more skill than simply congenital or inborn talent. And the best thing is that the parents can help their child to develop this skill.


Parents can help their child to be more creative:
By Encourage curiosity

Curiosity is something that open doors of knowledge of new things always encourage the curiosity and seeking answers. One of the best ways you can react to a child’s questions is, “I don’t know. How could we find the answer?”

Avoid manufactured toys

Don’t restrain and numb the creativity of your child by providing him/her with too many manufactured toys. You should also resist purchasing each and every
Every accessory marketed with the latest movie or cartoon character so resourcefulness will have room to grow. Dolls are nifty, but kids don’t stretch their imagination when we supply every dress and play prop. Pre-assembled kits rob kids of chances to think on their own.

Encourages Experiments

Without experiments creativity can’t be exposed and improved. So even if your child fails at doing something, NEVER make embarrassing comments and encourage his experimentations. Tell him that even if he didn’t make it this time he should give it a try or try something else, and he sure will get it.

Abstain from perfectionism

A child’s work may have flaws, and imperfections which is the beauty and proof of his work, and we are sure you can do better than you child so restrain yourself from giving final touches to your child’s work and also don’t make any changes and don’t give unnecessary directions, let the project be your child’s ONLY.

Encourage efforts

Always encourage the efforts your child make, you can boost his creativity by displaying his work where he can see his work most of the time, show it to everyone who visit home and gather praises for him.

Avoid comparisons

As a motivator you must not make insulting comparisons between siblings ‘creativity and talent. Please don’t say things like: “You sure can’t make a castle as good as your sister.” Or, “Why can’t you draw a beautiful picture like your brother; you use all those dark unattractive colors.”

Facilitate play

You should facilitate child’s play and must not DICTATE it. It is good to play with your children, it boost their confidence and they do good when parents around, but make sure when you are playing with them you should follow their rules to play don’t impose or dictate any game or rule.

Provide a mess-able place

A place proper place and environment is very important for a child to explore his creativity. Provide a safe place where children can sit and play with number of art materials. Offer disposables such as paper and cardboard with crayons, chalk, markers, glue, stickers, finger-paint, clay, etc.

Don’t reward children

The rewards are good to encourage anyone, especially a child but reward can interfere the creative process, decreases the quality of their responsiveness and adaptability of their thought. Let your child develop command of creative activities that they are want to do by heart instead of making efforts to encourage them with rewards for doing things they actually don’t want to do. Rather than rewarding a child for practicing the piano, for example, allow her to do something she enjoys more.

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