Great ways to Encourage Creative Thinking

Creativity is something which is not possessed by everyone but it can be groomed by encouraging the person with less or no creativity. Creative thinking is a skill which develops intrinsic motivation and helps your child a lot in becoming a long life learner rather than making him learn the things for just the time being. Give your child the opportunities to face new experiences and ideas under the supervision of adults. If they ask questions, encourage them by thinking in their questions and investigating for the right answer. It will help developing their thinking and enhance their problem solving skills.


Use these ways to encourage the creative thinking in your child:

Stretch their knowledge

In order to get their creative thinking groomed you need to support the interest of your children. Take what they love a step further. Provide them the resources to obtain knowledge and information. Make sure that you use positive remarks on their creative thoughts and sayings and ask them questions to stretch their thinking. It will be quite encouraging in enhancing their creative thinking.

Offer them choices

Make your child independent in their own decisions and help them in learning. Be sure that it is okay with you what they chose for themselves, help them but don’t hinder. Allow the child top make the decision.

Be an inventor

Take some probe such as a toy or something else. Ask your child questions regarding the toy such as “what else could this be used as?” and such other questions. Challenge your child to explain some unconventional and unusual ways to use that object.

You need to ask open ended questions

Open end questions are those questions which need an answer in at least one sentence, rather than in yes or no. such as “what should we do now?”, “What do you suggest?”, “what would happen if…..?”, “what else we might add?” and so on.

Play dramatically

Have some time with your child for a dramatic or imaginative play. Have your child act like their favorite animal. Try adding an emotion to the animal like a happy cat or sad turtle to change it up.

Allow making mistakes

Mistakes are the proof that they are learning. Use them as opportunities to learn rather than making your child that he is unsuccessful.

Add creativity

Try to add creativity in their everyday experiences such as if you are if you are going out to eat at a restaurant take along some paper and crayons and draw together as a family. One person should start a drawing and the next person must add to it.

Play music

While your child is with you, play some music. Use your bodies to create a rhythm and make up a dance to go with the rhythm.

Read interesting books:

Read books with your child, especially stories book. Stop part ways while reading the story and ask your child what they think would happen next.

Make drawings

Drawing is something which your child starts communicating with even before they start learning reading or writing. Ask your child to tell as story through their drawing and give it a title. It is really inserting and would help a lot in encouraging their creative thinkin



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