Healthy Breakfasts that Your Children will Love:

A healthy breakfast accommodates a mixture of compounded carbohydrates and protein to make your little baby well till to the next meal. You need to have some foods as oatmeal, toast, whole-grain cereal with a protein source such as milk, yogurt, peanut butter, eggs, or cheese. So here we have some different kind of dishes that tend your kid to have breakfast before they leave for school.



Sandwich of cream cheese and cucumber and bacon:

Kids do love to have sandwiches every time. But they didn’t love to have daily routine stuffs of sandwich. So just leave the common way of making sandwich and have some innovation in your sandwich. Like, add some cream cheese on the toast and include some cucumber for protein. This will make your kid fit till the next meal.


Egg and tomato sandwich:

You know that egg carries vitamin A, E, D and K in it. And it also provides iron, zinc and foliates to your kid’s body. So if your baby is not having eggs then add it in to the sandwich with some tomatoes.


Berry French toasts:

Berry French toasts are too much delicious for your baby’s health. So make a toast and add some honey and berry on it with some special cream.


Egg in capsicum:

Eggs provide high quality of protein and vitamin to a human body. A large amount of vitamin B2 is available in egg especially in egg yolk. So you need to make an egg for your baby. Try to make it with a little bit innovation. Add a layer of capsicum that attracts you kid to ate it up.



Berry Shakes:

It carries a leveled amount of protein as well as calories to your kid’s body. Shakes are full of nutrition’s because milk which carries a huge amount of calcium in it, that makes your baby sharper and stronger.


Egg rolls:

Eggs are too rich in vitamins as discussed before. So make it little different if your kid is not having a simple omelet. Just you need is to do make a roll when you are making an omelet.



Cheese omelet:

90% of the kids love to have cheese, so go on adding some cheese in your breakfast. Cheese omelet is the best choice in your breakfast. Cheese is a rich source of nutrition; it is also rich in protein, vitamin A and vitamin B12. So having a cheese omelet will be a good choice.


Mini egg pizza:

You can also serve a mini pizza for your kid’s breakfast. Pizza is being loved by every kid of this world. So just make a pizza named dish, a like adding ketchup, onion, tomatoes and egg on the bun, and bake it up for few minutes, till the eggs cooked well then serve it to your kid.


Peanut butter and banana roll:

Add some sweet in your baby’s life, by trying peanut butter and banana rolls. You need to have a flat khubz then paste some peanut butter on it, and roll it up with the help of a adding banana, and let it enjoy well by your kid.



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