How to Treat Teething Discomfort in Babies

Healthy baby teeth will pave the way for healthy adult teeth. Knowing nothing at the time when your child winces in pain, takes the parents to high discomfort and restlessness. Until you can take your kid to a doctor, use some home remedies to make the pain bearable. Try our gentle approach in order to take care of the discomfort. Talk to your child’s pediatrician before using any remedies to soothe his tooth pain.


You may notice the follow things if your baby is teething:

Red face or cheeks

Swollen gums

Gum sucking, biting and rubbing

Heavy drooling

Sleepless at night

Rubbing the ear on the same side where the gums are irritated

Unsettled and irritated

How to treat Teething Discomfort:

Follow the following tips to prevent discomfort of your child while teething. If one trick doesn’t work,. Try the other one until you find the one which may prove helpful.

Cold teethers:

Making your child use a cold teether helps a lot in getting rid of teething discomfort. It can be very soothing on your child’s gum and can numb aching gums. Teethers give your baby something which they can chew safely.

Put pressure on gums:

Babies passing through the stage of teething love to feel pressure on their gums. This pressure helps them in distracting their pain from the pain. If the baby has rejected cold items, give them a pacifier at room temperature to chew. It will help in causing pressure on your child’s teeth. Vibrating teether may prove very helpful in this regard. It vibrates when the child chomps on its water filled section and helps in stimulating the gums.

Numbing gels and creams:

Get teething gel from your local pharmacy where it is easily available. Rub sugar-free teething gel on your baby’s gum with your finger. It numb any discomfort caused by teething. The gel contains antiseptic ingredients which help in preventing any kind of infection.

Rub finger on baby’s gum:

Facing baby’s gums and jaws in a circular motion may help ion reducing the pain and discomfort produced due to teething. In beginning, the child may resist but later on it hits the spot. Afterwards, they baby may start massaging his own gums with finger or rubbing its jaws.

Chilled foods:

Child food i.e. banana, apple slices can provide relief to a baby for sore gums. Try offering your child a cold food like applesauce or yogurt to help soothe gum pain and fill him up.


Playing your baby can distract him from pain in his gum. Sometimes change in activities is the only thing which help in overcoming the discomfort. Although its temporary, but for the time being it proves helpful. Give your child some unexpected cuddle time. Warm water may also help your child to relax.


There are sugar free pain killing medicines specially for children easily available in market. If your baby gets his temperature mildly raised, give them these pain killers. These medicines usually contain a small amount of paracetamol or brufen. Follow the instructions that come with the medicine.

See a doctor:

If all the above mentioned tips fail to work and your child still feels discomfort and pain in their gums, just get them checked by some dentist.

Start brushing your baby’s teeth with fluoride toothpaste as soon as their first milk tooth breaks through.

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