Negative Effects of Watching TV on Children


The kids love playing out, and the only activity they love to do at home is watching television or playing the video games. According to the AAP, American children spend an average of 6 hours and 32 minutes each day watching TV or using other media (including the Internet, videotapes, video games, and radio). That’s more time than they devote to any other activity except sleep.

“Most parents don’t spend the same amount of time – about 6 hours a day – with their children,” says child psychiatrist Michael Brody

There are number of reasons why you should take control of how much your kids are spending time on watching television and other Media.

Read the following to learn how it is affecting your children.

Affects on Cognitive

Lack of concentration:

Youngsters who sit in front of the TV programs can be lack of concentration. When he or she watches a TV program, they simply require a few minutes to think in light of the fact that the program will be interrupted by the ads. At that point, they will have a simple thinking pattern since when they watch a TV program, they don’t have to think much and they are less ready to think basically. They hardly envision something when they watch a TV program, they simply need to look and listen.

Affects on Health

Poor eye sight:

The kid, who likes to stare at the TV shows, keeps on watching it for hours. If the kids sit before the TV excessively, they will have an issue with their eyes. May be her/his eyes will become tired quick and then she/ he can become partially blind or have more eyes issues.


Another alarming problem with watching more of TV is that children develop poor eating habits that lead to overweight and obesity. They eat in front of TV sets and rarely go play or exercise any physical activity.

A study by National Institutes of Health-funded from year 2009 in “Journal of Health Communications,” shows that the Children view an average of 15 food commercials every day and 98 percent of these commercials are for food of low nutritional value.

Affects on Habits


Children who watch too much develop another crucial habit. They become too lazy to do any activity or work and they even study less than the kids who watch less TV. It makes a really bad effect on their mind and body. When he/she stays along in front of a TV and does not do something else such as plays with his or her friends or family, probably he or she will become an isolated person


I study revealed that, “average American child sees 200,000 acts of violence on TV before the age of 18, and these acts may cause kids to become more aggressive or deaden to assault and violence,” as we see that TV rarely shows the aftermath of violent acts and behaviors and they even picture it justified when perpetrated by the hero or the good person, this can actually make your child think of violence as a harmless or JUSTIFIED act.


Children see smoking, drinking and doing drugs eulogized on TV. According to a Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth study, “Although cigarette ads are banned on television, kids still see smoking in TV shows and the number of alcohol commercials has increased by 30% from 2001 to 2006, kids who watch 5 or more hours of television per day are notably have more chance to start smoking than kids who watch less than 2 hours.”


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