Tips for Parents to Help Kids Maintain a Healthy Weight

Parents play a major part in their kid’s physical and mental health. They can make their habit and they can even break them. It all depend how you brought up your children. Maintaining healthy weight in children is very important as over or under weighted children faces more physical health issues than kids with normal weight. It might seem to be difficult but making your own kids healthy shouldn’t be a problem as you can take several measures in this regard. You can make healthy yet tasty meals; you can encourage your kid for eating good food and avoiding high in fat and sugary food.

Here are some useful ideas how you can maintain a healthy weight of your children.

1.Build Healthy eating habits

Weigh is directly associated with eating habits. According to different researches it has been revealed that American have the most number of obese kids and teenagers in the whole world interesting fact is that, the America is the country where the trend of eating restaurant made food is highest. That means the kids don’t eat healthy home cooked food. Build good eating habits in your kids as make them eat proper meals, tell them to chew their food and give them healthy food.

2.Cook interesting meals

This is another problem parents face that the children are not willing to eat good food, that is because they know they can eat junk food whenever they want, get those flyers of food chains out of the reach of children, and cook healthy yet interesting food, children don’t like homemade food because they find it boring, so make it interesting as shown in picture below or use your imagination.

2 Dyspraxia Healthy Eating

2 food-art-breakfast

3.Provide healthy snacks

Kid rely too much on snacks, that’s a good habit actually but only if the snacks are healthy. Get all the unhealthy snakes out of fridge and replace them with fruits and raw veggies but be tricky. Make your kids eat food rich in fiber, vitamins, iron, calcium, magnesium and other necessary nutrients.

3 maxresdefault

4.Minimize TV time

So many studies have shown that kids who watch television too much become obese. That is because of inactivity and eating while watching TV. So get control and minimize their TV and Xbox time.

5.Make your kid PLAY more

Lack of physical activity is unhealthy regardless of the age. You can only maintain your kid’s balanced weight when he is involved in some physical activities like sports. Get him enrolled in school sports club or community’s sports. If not you can still make him play more at home.

4 Kids+playing+soccer

6.Be more involved

When parents are involved in children’s activities they learn more and they feel more secure and play more happily. This means you can encourage them by being involved in their games and activities.

5 healthy-family_357x171_166272321.jpg

7.Practice and Encourage Exercise

Modeling healthy behavior is the best way you can help your kid building healthy habits. Do exercise in front of your kids they will surely join you.

8.Eat together

It has been proved that families who eat together live healthier and longer. So eat together.

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