10 ways to be Healthier and Happier

It is quite obvious that you need to eat healthy, drink more of water and exercise more often to stay healthy and live well, but what is the secret to a happy life? Well… “Happiness comes from inside,” the time until we expect it from the outside we are more probably desiring something from the other end of the rainbow. Life is precious and we NEED to value it, so start from today and keep yourself healthier and happier than you are right now.


Take a look at the unlocking keys of all the doors to great health and happiness.

The “HAPPY YOU” project:

Take a break

Stop for minute, aren’t you exhausting yourself? Think for a minute what you are up to and what you are doing it for the sake of. Before you make yourself work hard on something, just reconsider does it worth it. You don’t have to force yourself to do anything that annoy you or make you depressed. You might be just wasting your energy over worthless thing. Just in case you are not satisfied with your life, find the new dimension, an aim that will lead you to success contentment and happiness.

Help others

It is a scientifically proven method to make one happy. By helping others you get a feeling of happiness that nothing else can give you and give a spiritual uplift and motivation to be more of help to others. It is suggested that you should spend 2 hours a week in doing something that will benefit others. You can volunteer or help someone around you. Start from the home.

Be grateful, and kind

Be grateful for what you are and what you possess. When you are not grateful enough it leads you to restlessness and make you envy others that suck even dewdrop size happiness from you. For the sake of your own peace and happiness cherish yourself, and be kind to others. A little deed of kindness goes a long way and come back to you.

Avoid the Negativity around you

Since you cannot change it, avoid it. Surround yourself with people that convey positive vibes, be sociable; and give time to your family and friends.


Plan your days and nights, you’re eating routine and all you are up to, your goals to be achieved. A planned life is never unsuccessful.


The “HEALTHY YOU” project:

Don’t be an owl

If you are committed to be healthy, you need to sleep early; the best time to sign off is 10:00pm and you getting a sound sleep time of 8 hours ensure a lively and healthy mind and body.

Eat Wisely, drink Wisely

Your body requires good balanced notorious food, and that means you are supposed to eat Good food that includes:

Food with iron, vitamins, fiber, minerals and CALCIUM.


For best summer food see this.


For a longer and healthier life one must walk for 30 minutes every day. And in case you are over or underweight, you might need some workout too.



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