Clever Ideas and Techniques Make Small Eyes look Bigger with Makeup:

Do you have small eyes? Do you want to make it bigger? Then you need to follow some techniques and ideas.

Some people think that having dark circles will make your eyes bigger. But it’s just the messy one. Dark circle just mess up your skin instead of making your eyes bigger. There are some ideas and techniques you need to follow well.

Shine up by concealer:

First of all you need to shine up your eye by concealer. Conceal your eye with concealer. Don’t over dose your eye. Or don’t use hard and thick kind of a concealer. It will absorb by your fine lines which will be more prominent. Apply thin layer of concealer having light color than your skin. And try to cover it from the end corners also.

Bright eye shadow:

Bright color of eye shadow will pop your eye out well. As the old ladies got thin layer on their eye so that they also use brighter color of shadow. This will make your eye more prominent. So you need to put whiteness which will make your eye bigger.


Use of Eyeliner:

Don’t use eyeliner in your water line. Don’t use an eye liner around your eye. It will make your eye smaller. So you need to do just put an eye liner at the upper eye lid of your eye. Don’t put black eye liner at the inferior eyelid. If you want to add liner then just move your pencil from outer corner to the middle of the eye. Be careful! Apply thin layer of a liner at the upper eye lid. And make your brush move on the edges of your eye by winging the brush. Applying eyeliner in the inner side of the eye makes your eye seems small. Try to apply white eye liner at the water line too.



Upper eye lashes: You need to curl up your eye lashes. And the bigger the lashes you have the bigger your eye looks. And if you are facing a problem of short lashes than you can also apply false lashes. Easily available at market. Or curl your lashes up by the eye curler. And then put some quantity of mascara on lashes. It will make your eye bigger.

Lower eye lashes: Add some mascara at your lower eye lashes too. Because the lower eye lashes didn’t got too much prominent by having mascara on lower eye lashes it will be more prominent than before.




To pop out you eye. You have to add whitener at the inner corners of the eye. It will elaborate the width of the eye. Whitening your eye up will have an effect of bigger eye. Shimmer your eye with the white color from the inside corner of the eye.


Eye brows:

Your eye brows should be thick which will make your eye more prominent and it will be happen by waxing up your eye brows.

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