Comparison Between Modern and Past Life

The life circle is going on and on and the life is only the human beings which is so difficult because they have to face so many problems and the relations are only connected with the man  not with the animal so  this life is not so easy it Is the bed of thrones .people are divided in the caste system  and everybody is recognized from his status and the caste the race system is very much mow a days  in the old age when people were lived in the cave  and the stones they were very simple but very kind hearted and the  soft but now everyone is enemy of the other whenever the real brother is the enemy of his brother  so after a big research on the life of the modern and old lifestyle we want to compare it so the people get awareness from it so stay with us and see the deficiencies and its  suggestions.


Young Family Having Fun In Park

•    In the ancient  time the families were so vast and the large at least 12 to 14 children were must in one family  because people  were not so aware  from the population  increasing and its problem and it was difficult for the censurer  to count the people of one family and due to the population  the resources  become short.

•    In the modern life people are well aware about the riddles of the  large family they plan their family and  then give birth any  child because now the population is very less than  the ancient age the death cases are much more than the birth cases   because the diseases are increased  in the environment and now to 5 children consider enough so think what a big difference  in the thinking of ancient  people and the modern people.


•    Education which is compulsory for the every person if you are a Muslim person then education is your religious obligation because in Islam  education is compulsory from cradle to the grave. In the ancient age people  remain deprive from the education  because at that time there were no  school and colleges were common and if any school or college was existed it  was only till the middle and who  was  middle  pass he  was considered  precious diamond but  the girls remain uneducated because they were against the   women education  they thought that girls remain in the four walls of the house.

•    In the modern age the  door of education is open for everyone whether he is boy or girl  rather the  modern  people has  made the education compulsory for the girls now the girls  have surpassed the  boys in every field of life  we can see them in banks ,hospitals, offices ,school and many places where only men were worked.  Now the government has made much free school for the poor and the many schools and colleges are in one city rather in Muhallah.

Foods and dresses:


•    In the age of  our old people the people were eaten very  simple but healthy diet because everything is free from the any  adding  because the things which is made with any adding is not good for the health the people were used the  butter ,egg ,fresh m]ilk  yogurt and fruits and the raw vegetables for the health and fair colors the people of that age  were very healthy and  energetic now that age but the dresses were not very good  of that age because  very loose and strange style dresses were carried by them mostly the  bold colors were  selected by the ladies.

•    Now the people are not eat very good food junk food is mostly used especially by the youngsters  it is the bad aspect of the new age because the foods are not fresh and hygienic  which become the cause of stomach and  kidney problems  fresh milk is disappear  people not  so much healthy active  but now  in this materialistic age people are so fast and many machines are available in the market that can solve your all problems in short time with the help of machines. The dressing of the modern people are decent and modern but the western glimpse is also seems in the dresses of European and eastern countries.

•    Many hospitals are constructed in one city because the patient have to gone another cities for the treatment the government has done many social work  because it is their duty  to provide all the facilities .
•    Transportation system has developed  than the ancient age  you can  travel the long journey in one and  half day  because this system is so fast  but with the increasing of the transportation the pollution is also very increased   due to the smoke and dust people are indulge in the lungs and   asthma problems.

•    The houses are  so big and strong than the old age but the value of  relations are nothing  whenever in the past age the relations everything huge families  were survived in the   small houses.
We should see the both aspect of the picture don’t remain on the one side because in everything some good and bad aspects are present.

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