Create Impression With your Body Language, Dressing Sense etc

we are in a world where making our place has become tough, there is competition, wherever we go we have to leave a long lasting good impression to be known, to prove our existence, at the same time we can’t be fake to others and to ourselves. We have to be ourselves in that way we can impress others as Oscar Wilde says: “Be yourself; everyone else is already take.” being someone else will finish you right away.


Now, the question is how to create a nice impression on someone. Few things matters more than a lot. Have a look.

Your body language

body language is non-verbal communication, you don’t speak but your body language says it for you, having a bad or inappropriate body language can be a serious problem.
Stanford University told us that when we speak three things catches the listener’s attraction,
it’s 7% your words that are being listened to,
38% is the tone of your voice
and 55% is the body language that is being noticed.
It shows that how much our body language matters for making a good or bad impression.


Body language includes:

1. Our gestures

your hand movements, movement of your head, the way you are moving your arms your legs give ideas to people, i.e., If someone is biting nails It shows some kind of nervousness and the person is taken as someone who isn’t confident, therefore it is necessary to take control over your gestures.

2. Postures

the way someone is standing/sitting also matters, a person standing with lower shoulders and lower gaze looks tired or uninterested. A person sitting/standing in active position with head up and straight shoulders looks attentive. It depend on us how we let our body speak.


3. Eye contact

you should always make eye contacts when talking, as people who make eye contact seem to be more confident and interested in you. These kinds of people are more attractive and approachable.


By working on body language one can make a good impression.

Watch your words

you need to watch your speaking style and your tone of voice. If you want to give a good impression your voice tone should be in your control, being too loud or too soft can be critical. You should speak kindly. Saying something which is not meant to be said can ruin your image. Cracking a silly joke can also be problem. So talk less and listen more is the best policy for giving a respectful impression. Cutting someone’s words and adding your own is something not acceptable, so always ask if you can add a word. It shows respect and you can say what you want to say.

Dress to impress


your appearance means a lot. It shows your interest for the event you are attending and people you are meeting, dressing up carelessly is not a choice when you opt for a good impression. Select immaculate clothes with decent colors in accordance with the event and people you’re going to see. Your clothes demonstrate your culture, your level of confidence, values and your interest in the event.

Follow the Dress code

Consider any dress code if mentioned in the invite or told orally. Breaking the dress code is quite ill-mannered thing to do. Following the dress code make the host pleases.

Wear a smile


wearing a smile makes you look more attractive; people who smile at others are more likely to be talked with than people who don’t smile. People, who throw smile at others, look kind and gentle and draw attention towards them.

look tidy

A person who is wearing nice clean dress, shining shoes, and nice fragrance, have clean teeth and nails and looks impressive and shows that he have clean habits which leaves a good impression on others.

Be Interesting

Being interesting is quite attractive, it make people give you attention and make you worth listening to, it give an impression that you have a sharp mind.

Show interest in people you meet, compliment them if possible, listen to them when they talk with interest, memorize things about them and tell them next time you meet it will make them interested in you.


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